Sead Kolašinac (31)


Wasted chances offensively when he had time and space, also just shambolic defensively. He was good against spurs but I’ve never rated him.


I truly believe that he’s simply a left midfielder and no one wants to admit it. He has all of the qualities needed; he’s got pace and power, can take players on and has good delivery into the box. He can finish well when given the chance also. But most importantly, he can’t defend.

I don’t get why he’s considered a wingback, or a fullback especially.


From wide out maybe but the amount of times he’s been played in behind and failed to pick anyone out is pretty frustrating.

To be fair to him Aubameyang should have secured him the match winning assist.


Nobody seems to praise this guy so I’ll do it again. Great performance at LM/LWB again.
He is an absolute menace down the left.


Hes having a good season. A lot of people on here just has an agenda against him, thats all.


He’s still a terrible defender even if I do like him and thought he did well today.


Average at LB. Brilliant at LWB

Was superb today


You see, I don’t actually think he is that bad of a defender but more like his defensive awareness isn’t up to speed with PL and his communication with the other defenders is not existent at points.
I do believe these areas can be fixed/improved.


Sure they can be improved. Until they do he’s terrible at defending.


I have said it before and I will continue to maintain that he is really just a left midfielder who we can use as a LWB because hes great going forward. He can’t defend at all but bombing forward he can be lethal.

No way is he a left back.


Defenders are crying for that brute strength. The guy gave a pat at someone’s chest today and he sent the guy flying.


Oh his physical attributes are really useful, I’m glad we have someone like him in the side. But running back towards his goal hes slow to get back and positionally he isn’t great defensively. He needs to work on that or it will cost us more.


His decision making is so far off the spectrum at times its untrue. Dont dislike him and always admire his effort but I also know he isnt good enough.



The problem is that he can only play in 1 formation: with 3 at the back. He can push more here.


Awful LB but good LWB. Thrives when we play 5.


I do feel for Sead. If our defence as an overall wasn’t such a shambles I really think we’d be on this guy’s nuts.


Saed Kolabossinac

Nah seriously, this just proves how shit we’ve become.


So to clarify we’ve gone to Fabregas to Cazorla to Ozil to Kolasinac


All the fucking areas this guy gets into and still never picks out a pass. Really frustrating.