Sead Kolašinac (31)


Any league’s official website is the place to look for that kind of information, but since Opta is the EPL’s official stats provider, there shouldn’t be any discrepancies between the two.

The EPL’s fantasy league has a much broader range of what they will credit as an assist. For example, a shot saved by the keeper and tapped in by a third player will count as an assist in fantasy league, but won’t be officially counted as an assist by the league. (Mane got an assist in fantasy for Firminho’s goal). Another example is penalties - fantasy gives assist points for winning a penalty, but that doesn’t really count as an assist in the real world. The same applies for own goals I guess.


Calum is probably referring to the PL Fantasy game cuz Kola gets assist points for that.


Yeah, I saw somewhere online that transfermarkt might also count assists in the way Calum and I thought they might be. So I think less official sites or games might count them (which makes sense for fantasy football as you’d want to be more lenient and award points) but things like Opta don’t.

I’d be curious as to whether this is how it’s done in other countries too, with whoever is considered to be the Spanish/Dutch/German/etc Opta/official statistician.


Basically in the real world they don’t count but in fantasy type scenario’s they do, which is exactly what I was trying to say to people 24 hours ago. Anyways as @JakeyBoy did say we scored a goal from it so ultimately it doesn’t matter.


Doesn’t look like an actual footballer to me


Think he can do well in a 3-5-2/3-4-2-1/3-4-3 formation, as he is more a wingback than a full back, imo.





Wallpaper material!


Yeah I’m not his biggest fan but he had a top match, especially first half n hour he was outstanding.


That language though :gabriel:


Dutch? What’s wrong with it?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s actually pretty similar to Danish :grimacing:


Yea and i hate danish too. Dutch and danish sounds like you are talking with a giant spud in your mouth.


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Kola is so good at bombarding from the left, causing trouble with a variety of crosses.
He was very good last week and came back with another banger today. Gonna go unnoticed but one of the best today.


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No trainers lads. Shoes only


He’s got the beating of Dalot all night but his final ball hasn’t been good enough. Defensively he’s a non entity though