Sead Kolašinac (31)


Considering he was really good as a wingback last season and considering the way Emery likes to play his fullbacks; I think he will perform very well under Emery


When was he ever really good??? He’s literally always been dogshit. Even in the games he did ok in his pass completion and ability to defend were always way below average.


I’ve always thought this too. Think he needs to be moved on especially when he’s reportedly earning £100k+


haha I had a feeling you would comment once I made that post.

Lets not completely take away those games when he did make decent contribution as a wingback


To be fair you used the term “really good” which is entirely different to decent contribution lol


I thought he was really good when he initially joined, for the first few games last season.

At some point after that he became a liability but I think there is a good player in there. Not that I’m campaigning for him to stay as we can do a lot better.


Two assists today. He’s really good at WB


You don’t get an assist for an own goal, especially one that was scored from 25 yards :joy:.


Still counts as an assist for me. He crossed it into the box.





It won’t be awarded as an assist as far as any official stats go , you’re reaching desperately.


If you put in a good cross I don’t see why it matters whether your striker put it in the net or a defender did, either way the player has made a pass that lead to a goal being scored.

It remains to be seen who is right, but Calum isn’t reaching desperately at all.


Who is in charge of those?


I’m right. But yeah the rest of the point I can understand. But was it really a good pass though ? Not that I really care, it was a freak own goal and we benifited from it.


Then prove it? Assists aren’t included in the official rules of the game as far as I’m aware, so I’m not sure how you’re so sure.


I will have a look later if I can find some exact proof regarding wording, it won’t be credited as an assist on any major stats keeping though. Also it just seems like pure idiocy thinking you can assist someone that doesn’t play for the same side as you.


An assist is making the final pass before the ball is put in the net, I don’t see why the player making the pass shouldn’t get credit just because a defender might have got there just before the striker and put it into their own net.

“pure idiocy” is just needless hyperbole.

Edit: had a look and Opta don’t count things like that as an assist. Might be as close as we can get to an official answer on the subject tbh.


Good performance. Him and Iwobi worked very well together.


I thought he was very average/poor at times. Again struggled to complete passes and was very poor at the back. His performance was masked by the fact he had “two” assists but he was not very good at all and is someone who should be moved on in the summer unless there’s a marked improvement.