Sead Kolašinac (31)


Everyone knows gender-based objectification only applies one way Doc, don’t be silly :speak_no_evil:


Always these ze germans :unai:


Should be a model instead of a footballer! LOL!

Sead KolasiFRAUD.



FRAUD Kolasinac





Seas Kolasinac
Sustained an injury to his left knee. Will be out for 8-10 weeks.


Well, Maitland on. He was quite good as LB last season.


Bad news. 3 months with only 1 LB can be a disaster.


New Manager
Same injury troubles !




Good AMN will make that spot his.


Garbage player anyways, but I’d like to see AMN play centrally so that’s the annoying thing, though I suppose he would have limited opportunities centrally.


Whats wrong with a good old 2-4 weeks out. Why do we always go for 2 months minimum at arsenal.


Wonder if this means that AMN will get deployed out there some… sighs… not great timing and not great options at LB, although I think some people underrate Nacho-man. He isn’t done yet, even if he isn’t the quickest. Would I like an upgrade? Yeah, but we need one more attacking wide player more imho (and maybe an actually really good CB).


New medical team doing :fire::fire:


Them forearms :giroud3:


Thoughts on his performance?

Thought he was decent. Kept Salah quiet


From what I saw he seemed good which is encouraging especially after he’s been out so long, will be interesting to see how he fares under Emery. Hopefully he can improve Sead too because he was good in Germany and made team of the season there.

Under Wenger hasn’t had the best time but that goes for the rest of the guys.


Embraced the challenge and tried hard. Not sure he is good enough long term.


Hard to judge him, i was too happy just to have an actual left back playing at left back for a change.