Sead Kolašinac (31)


He’s a terrible passer of the ball lol. Don’t think he has much of a future here tbh


Is he basically left back equivalent of Podolski? :smile:


You dont need to have Pirloesque tekkers to play as a fullback. The amount of pure godlike musclemass thsi guy has is enough to scare most Wingers away. His physique is just an asset that hopefully a new manager with help him use it more to his advantage. Got a MEATY shot on him too :kos2:


I’ve never understood the obsession with this guy physique. It’s the football we should be most concerned about and ultimately he’s fallen well short. It’s not like you can say it’s the managers fault he can’t make a simple 5 yard pass.


Which role do you think he is gonna play under the new manager? Allegri uses both the 4-3-3 and the 3-5-2 formation.


Considering we got him on a free, he has been a pretty decent signing.
He does have a bit more aggression and physical strength about him that several of our other defenders lack, and, as @LordBendtner says, he has got a powerful shot on him.

He isn’t first team quality yet because he lacks consistency and in some games looks less than average but is more than useful as a squad player.

Like a few of our other players, under a new manager, we might see a bit more from him.


Lukas Pérezskinac


I’m willing to give the bundesliga LB of the year more time to prove himself.

Especially given the circumstances of this Wenger team.


I’m with you, just because he may not be the atypical Wenger player doesn’t mean he can’t be brutally effective under another manager.


Lol you think someone would have told him :joy:


With all the arguing going on over Emery this has made my day :joy:


Shame the kit is so wank. Kolatank doesnt deserve dross kit like that. Emery will make this Tank eat every PL attacker alive. COYG


This club I swear man, it’s commitment to banter is legendary.


Holy smokes:


Beast of a LW this guy.


Do have the decency to tag myself and @Phoebica when you post these pics :sunglasses: I almost missed this


That’s a bit Objectification-y. :bellerin:


The bosnian hulk. Should destroy his opponents just with his body.


I almost looked like him during my own playing carrer. Just 15 Kg less.


Bosnian-German. :unai: