Sead Kolašinac (31)


Should have jumped to prevent Everton from scoring.


Disgusting effort from him for the goal, his season really has gone pear shaped hasn’t it ?




How is he supposed to jump when he has weights tied to his boots?!


@Trion and I called this one. :innocent: People jerking off to him cause he’s a BEASTTANK BRO! before he proved anything. Our LB and RB options are serious issues long-term, though still not really sure what we have in Kolasinac.


If he jumped he would have given away a penalty… The guy infront jumped early and backwards.

you guys are being ridiculous.

Kola is a stud.


He didn’t waltz into the premier league and perform as he did by luck or accident. He’s a fucking top player and it’s the most Arsenal thing ever that we’ve seemingly managed to fuck him up within a few months.


Wenger and defenders are like what attacking players are to Mourinho.


Yes, Wenger himself went and told Kolasinac not to jump or compete when the ball is in the air


It’s almost certainly Wenger’s fault that Kolasinac misplaces an unhealthy amount of his passes and chooses not to jump to defend an aerial situation. :roll_eyes:


To be fair, I actually thought Sead started off the season quite well. 3 goals and 4 assists in all comps in 23 games as a bit part player. He actually seemed dangerous in the box too. Maybe Wenger thinks his defensive side is unbalanced and seeks out Monreal or AMN instead because of this.

Ultimately, as of right now, I think he’s suffering from not playing consistently. I really think he’d offer more offensive output if given the opportunity.


Wenger said before he’s not really a LB, and he functions much better as an LWB with 3 CBs. Looks to me Wenger was trying to get him some game time in a match that was out of reach for the opposition, maybe to blood him in that LB spot. Does seem like we bought him as an eventual replacement for Nacho, and now that we’ve changed the formation he’s struggling a bit.


In his first few months he was a beast and a fans favourite but he was always a much better attacking player than defensive, I think he became too comfortable with his place


He was signed as a punt of a wing back when Wenger was adamant on sticking with a back 3/5. He looked good in that role but not all players are capable of both.


Bit hard for him to get near the team regardless, while Monreal is busy closing in on Shearer’s goal record :speak_no_evil:


He’s shown some serious quality, I think he’ll adapt to a back four if that’s the way we go. @Robin_L has it right too, Monreal is killing it right now (Monreal is always killing it cos he’s class) so that’s a barrier.

This is the kind of competition for places we clamour for so I think people should probably chill a bit


Another player who needs a different manager, imo. Wenger isn’t capable of playing the players at their strengths anymore.


Absolutely my friend. He should have his own statue by now . He won’t pull out of a tackle when it’s needed not only that he’ll take one for the team !


Needs to throw his weight at the opposition more - he could do some real damage !! Wanted him to break Deeney the wanker !!


Beast of a player . Let’s hope the new Manager see sense and plays Kolasinac over Monreal.
Monreal isn’t in Kolasiac clas .