Sead Kolašinac (31)


Ha, you believed the milkman part then? :laughing:


That was sort of my point and why I put a :wink:

As if him going to a football match dressed as a German milkman is more believable than him getting a deal for a player wrapped up quickly.

It’s ridiculous to think that he would dress up a a milkman.
They don’t have milkmen in Germany :grinning:

They might do, but I can’t be bothered to Google it.


These memes with fake quotes are funny but it becomes really hard to explain to my parents who are not synced with modern internet bullshit, especially since they started accessing internet in last 2 years.

They believe everything that they receive on whatsapp groups.
I might have to show them the power of photoshop to make them more skeptical about stuffs online.


This is why so many players say ‘Arsene Wenger is like a father to me’, he was their milkman. Wenger & Sons ltd


Hulk :kos2:


Anyone who thinks of a milkman as being like a father must be seriously lacking in a male role model.

Either that or those bawdy 70s comedies are more reflective of reality than I had realised, and the milkman was round fucking their mum on the regs.


I was assumimg this was the joke, however considering milkmen don’t exist anymore the joke is probably lost on most here lol.


They do. My nan has milk, eggs, bread and orange juice delivered :grinning:


Lol oh really?? Haha my parents have a legit milk door on the side of their house that hasn’t been used pribably since the 1950’s, it’s obsolete out this way. Unless of course you are referring to Amazon who just bought whole foods markets and is delving into grocery delivery, that I could see.



Interesting, before his break out season he was considered extremely average by Schalke fans and then it all changed when they moved to three at the back.

Maybe he just doesn’t work in a 4 back.


Lol! So we didn’t buy a versatile player.


Still looks a bit short on something, not sure he’s tired or something.


Another Wenger masterclass: play him out of position, look average, than drop him.


Is he hurt?

Looked like he was going to add some steel to the defense and looked promising early on. Now, he doesn’t see the field. Can’t be any worse than what is being trotted out there now, surely.


I am really and seriously fed up with a manager who buy players who even look promising, but then ruin them because he doesn’t know how to play them.

Wenger should be jailed for crimes against football and Arsenal.


When was he playing out of position?


CB in a 3-man defence.


Don’t know what game you are referring to, but I’ve only seen him play on the left side of a back 4 or 5 for us and a position in the back 3 isn’t alien to him, he played there several times at Schalke.


What the hell happened to this guy? Looks nothing like the player we saw early season.