Sead Kolašinac (31)


what are those?


I thought they were pointing at his bulge.

I was disappointed to see they weren’t.


His trousers are tucked into his socks?


yeah i think thats what they are pointing.
but anyway good photoshop/caption opportunity.


Meme away, brother. :vulcan_salute:t5:


As requested. Try not to be blown away with my editing skills.


Reporting live from London Coloney, Hertfordshire.
Troy Deeney confirm presence of cojones.


wow are you a professional artist




Fair play @Trion :laughing:


His passing has been rather sloppy in the last few games, not that many people will criticise him as they love him for being such a robust player.


Poor first half.

Missed a sitter, passing all over the place and too scared to whip in the ball early when Lacazette (having his best game for Arsenal) is making the striker’s run to the penalty spot.


credit where it’s due, you’ve come a long way since the meme generator days.


Looked off all game. Seems distracted


A rare off game by my fav. player this season, and then at the end when he is about to score a beauty of a goal he set up for himself Ollie steals the finish :giroud3: haha



^^^^^ seems legit.



I believed all of it until I got to the last sentence.
When does Wenger ever make a decisive signing and get it wrapped up that quick? :wink:


You believed Wenger disguised as a milkman?