Sead Kolašinac (31)






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‘Cunt’ isn’t bad, I mean if you’re on a heavily populated forum of men you have to get used to it. I used to get offended by it but I grew ‘ovarios’ as Troy Deeney would say :grinning:


Asking for someone to grow balls is stupid. Balls are weak, punch a man in his balls and see what happens. I totally agree, a vagina would be a more apt comparison tbh. Vaginas are tough as nails, I mean a fucking baby comes out of those things and a couple days later it’s all good.


love this guy


This guy is my hero. So calm and composed and he’s still only 24. What a signing!

Please don’t let his injury be serious



motm for me


This was sex! It deserved better to be honest



Absolutely! 1 goal, 1 assist and always dangerous going forward.


Yeah he was our best player on the pitch, a very good decision maker in the final 3rd generally and it was a good finish that was harder than it looked… shame about the injury.


Oh fuck! Is he really injured?


I wish Bellerin would take note of how Kolašinac cuts the ball back in the box. It takes out a whole row of defenders and provides someone a genuine chance.

Goal and an assist for him today. I think at this point in the season, you can fairly say this has been a really good signing! I don’t think he’d suffer if we we’re to change formation either. Could easily play LB or LW.


His worst performance for us so far. Hope it gets better.


he is probably playing with an injury because of course wenger has no fucking decent backups


He didn’t have a great game but I don’t think he was fit. He looked like he lacked sharpness.


He didn’t handle Sterling at all today. 11th minute. Close again in the 39th when he got lost in no mans land. The penalty… A failed attempt to put Sterling offside. Looked overly passive and stale all game with no speed or movement. Looked like he had some kind of injury.


he was injured last game but i dont reckon he has recovered but wenger had to play him because he hasnt got a replacement as per fucking usual.



Are they just pointing at his calves?