Sead Kolašinac (31)


Their is a large cross over



lol no yeah, I don’t hold any of those beliefs. I’m actually pretty feminist, and submissive women bore me.

I was just stating a truth and falling for bait. Getting girlfriends is the easy part. What takes more skill and finesse is satisfying the need to be with others while you’re with them.

Well, more like that meathead and massive neck of his to me looks silly (and square body). I don’t know how much he weight lifts and how much of it is genetics, I’m guessing a lot is just weird genetics. Ronaldo would be a case of a player who has gone over the top with weightlifting and whose body looks silly and out of proportion. Sure, weight lifting can help in football in moderated doses, though I think flexibility training is more important. If I went back to playing football seriously like in my teens and early 20s I would cut the weight lifting in half, or in half twice really, and do a lot more yoga and flexibility training.

He probably should’ve tbh. He was clumsy on a number of occasions with his defending/fouling, when less clumsy movement would’ve been handy. I don’t really consider that knowing where the line was and not overstepping it, more like, lucky that the ref was permissive.

But yeah, he’s been good before that game.


The crazy thing about your weight related beliefs is that proportion plays a very important role within bodybuilding.


Maybe, but I’m not talking about pro bodybuilders (even then, you can’t tell me that’s natural looking or healthy, to be that muscular, even if it’s that muscular-ness in balance?), I’m talking about the wannabes which form 99% of those that will go to the gym, the ones you see walking around the streets with their wife beaters and silly looking physiques, proud of themselves for putting in a lot of effort to look silly.

I just don’t see the point of lifting weights for the purpose of lifting weights. I much prefer to have a strong, defined, healthy body the natural way, by playing sport or aerobic exercise, which is of course what we humans have done throughout our evolution.


Why was no-one passing him the ball tonight?! He was open so many times lol


I do really love how he intercepts the ball and then runs like a raging bull.


Fellaini has knee ligament damage after a collision with Kolasinac :joy:




Then think of the horrble crunching tackle that was done by sideshow bob you could hear the inpact. Was down for a minute or so then got on with the match like a boss!


This is what happens when someone bumps into Kolašinac…


Bromance. :eyes:


Draxler to arsenal confirmed.


hopefully sanchez goes to psg because i dont want him at mancity and its a swap deal (if this ever happened)


Swap deals hardly ever happen even though they get suggested every transfer window.

Draxler will join us one day, i’m convinced of it. He has been linked to us every window since he was about 12 so it has to happen one day.


Surely you’d want such a depressed selfish crybaby at a rival club?


Well he wont be then will he, the cunt will get what he wants wont he…yes he can be a good player when he decides to PLAY FOR THE TEAM, which he will for his new club just like he did for us when he first came, but then verrrrry slowly you watch him morph. Not disputing his quality i question his shit attitude and being selfish.


More likely Kolasinic to PSG confirmed.


I know I say this a lot, but can we stop saying the c word? Pretty please.