Sead Kolašinac (31)


You’d hate me then mate. The way I look would bother you. Not to mention my obvious lack of intellect because of the way I look.


Cuellar’s worst nightmare… A bodybuilding Chilean. :kos2:


I mean, as I said, it’s obvious that there are exceptions and that it’s a generalisation, I’m sure there are intelligent people who just happen to weightlift out there too, you are probably one of them. I also have a couple of friends who have that big, overdeveloped upper body going and while it’s definitely not a style I admire it doesn’t stop me being friends with them, lol.

It’s just nothing I could see myself doing voluntarily, what with the fact that going to an indoor facility to do stretching movements with weights when I could be playing football strikes me rather like eating shit when I could be eating caviar and I much prefer the way a body looks from doing natural exercise like football than doing indoor facility weight stretching.


SRCJJ is Sanchez in disguise :cech:


@Arsenal4thetreble the fiancé in question is impressed by talk of the midfield _trequartista_role and desequibrilisation of defences by an inside out false 9.5, so they’d get on well :laughing: You’ve worried me :sunglasses:


c’mon Robbo, trequartista is italian, mediapunta is spanish and the one I’ve said!! Also note I haven’t said dis-equilibrise since I realised that it was much simpler and could say unbalance :grimacing:


Well tbf the tank figure of Sead is just a weird look, which makes it more surprising how agile & pacey he is.


I just think most of us are glad on the upgrade on Gibbs. Saed is not only the better player, he’s twice the size of Gibbo.


Ya Gibbs seemed like a 5 inch guy Sead seems like a double digit guy. That’s what we’re talking about here right?


To get back on topic. People are creaming over Kolabear because he’s a beast in 50-50s just clattering opposition, heck of an engine getting up and down the lines, plays intelligent passes and has 2 assists and 1 goal displaying very good technique in his first 381 minutes for us. Last year he got 3 goals and 7 assists in 30 games, he’s on his way to beating that.

Against Chelsea I didn’t think he was very good in possession, not necessarily bad but not great but he defended very well again and a Chelsea fan was moaning at the end he should of got 2 yellows too because he’d taken liberties. But realistically he knew where the line was and didn’t overstep it, which is what you what from your enforcer.

It’s also been patently obvious over the last decade or so that we’ve been crying out for enforcers on the field.


LOL this thread has produced some golds.


The Red Pill is a sub-culture of men, and some women, who strongly believe in traditional gender stereotypes. They believe that biologically men are meant to spread their seed and sleep with as many women as possible, and that women are essentially just designed for male pleasure and to be submissive to men. They also believe that all women are designed to cheat and use men until they come across an Alpha male to put them in their place. Ironically they look upon men who work out and are in good shape with derision and call them “Chad’s” in reference to jacked frat guys.

They believe that men know what’s best for women and should be dominant in relationships, and that basically women want and need to be told what to do, what they want etc. That, inherently, women will seek out a strong Alpha male who will put them in their place, take care of them and tell them what to order off their menu. They also believe that many women often don’t even realise this inherent need, and merely just need to be shown the way, guiding them with subtle and not-so-subtle manipulative behaviour that they often refer to as negs and backhanded compliments. Their whole ideology is predicated on the idea of talking to women in a manner designed to chip away at their self-esteem and self-worth, in the hopes of appearing aloof and thus spurring the woman on to fall in love with their ultra-Alpha masculine ways and compete for their male approval thus finding them a submissive partner.

It’s all based around the book The Game by Neil Strauss; the RP community often refer to themselves as Pick Up Artists or the “Seduction” community, because through their expert use and understanding of the female id and neuro-linguistic programming they’re able to win over even the most hardbitten and radical man-haters. They’re a pretty smug lot.

You can read more here:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that a lot of women are attracted to confident, assertive men who aren’t afraid of making a decision or taking control but the whole Red Pill thing is going too far and borderline abusive in many cases.

The way you were talking cheating on your girlfriend and then talking about how unintelligent guys who go the gym are, you were coming across as a bit of Red Piller so to speak and it just seemed needlessly antagonistic for the thread haha

I don’t mean to say you are a Red Piller or hold these beliefs but your original post was just kind of easy to misconstrue haha So yeah, sorry about that.


^^ the main thing I took away from that post is thank god I don’t waste any time reading stuff on Reddit


It depends on what you are subscribed to. I find Reddit as a great information tool.


Unfortunately that’s some red pill philosophy; but in general it’s men going away from the traditional male disposablility, not getting married to protect yourself from divorce settlements etc.

There is also the idea of being self sufficient as man progressing without being someone’s wallet. A lot of red pill end up being MGTOW (men going their own way).

What you have there is the PUA (pick up artists); but in general it’s about coming to terms with female nature and was a backlash to the feminist cancer.


That is not what red pill is about, being able to sleep with as many women as possible not even. It’s more waking up to the reality of societies treatment of men, the hypergomus nature of women and how this mythical patriarchy does not exist when most laws benefit women. There many sub cultures under that umbrella like MRA (men’s rights activist), PUY(pick up artist which is what you described no one likes them) and MGTOW (which says men can’t deal with women in this society because men always fall short because of female nature). Cherry picking red pill movement is disingenuous


What do you mean with out of proportion? Does this apply on Kolasinac too? Because I really struggle to see how his body looks out of proportion.

Weight lifting, when applied sport specific, can have great benefits for any sport, football included.


I thought red pill was a Matrix movie reference.


It is as in the men that subscribe to that world view feel they have taken the red pill and woken up to the real


I thought it was an alt right thing?