Sead Kolašinac (31)


What the fuck is going on in this thread?

Has AC gone too deep into the red pill?


What is this red pill thing? I saw this joke in another thread too here I think.


Watching him get up from that Luiz tackle and carry on playing may have something to do with the praise he received. Happened in the dying minutes of the game and I’d imagine that would tend to stick in people’s minds more than his overall performance against Chelsea.

And with the cliches already heaped onto him, with his bullish looks and exceptional body typing, most people would instantly think to label him further, as a tank/brick shithouse, given that the wide comparison in football is that they are all a bunch of softies.


Dude doesn’t even know what the red pill is.


In cuellars defense, he’s completely right. To stay with one mate is completely against our nature. The beast never sleeps and I think if you don’t admit that as a man, you are lying to yourself. I think as humans we are one of the very few the mamals who are monogamous, it’s a small percentage.


Whilst you are right there, in Cuellar’s case the biological priority should be finding a mate in the first place :speak_no_evil:


Yeah, no doubt, and you’ve basically just summed up my complaints. Anyways, I doubt not getting injured there has anything to do with his weightlifters physique, probably mostly just down to luck and Luiz not catching him full on and probably strong bones or some shit. Wilshere getting all meatheady certainly didn’t help him avoid injuries.

I mean, I know the reference, the Matrix (though I thought the blue pill was the one Neo took?), but from the other time I saw this I think you’re talking about something else.


I basically haven’t a clue to be honest. :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with men that lift? :eyes:


PLEASE @AbouCuellar. Do it.


Fight IRL pussies.


I mean, I’m sure there’s exceptions, but in general it looks stupid and is done by stupid people. I’m not a fan of putting a lot of effort to put your body out of proportion. I actually had to put in effort to put my body back into proportion and not looking stupid and overly muscular after the weightlifting they made us do in the U.S. to keep my scholarship. (for fucking football, ffs, which is counter productive)

Fuck that, I have no need whatsoever to fight in real life with anyone, hence why I don’t see the need to purposefully make myself look silly and meatheady.

Do what?


AC is probably one of these dudes:



Don’t make me post a selfie.


Shirtless selfie please.


he is hoping you look like theo


What, and have your IRL mates find out you’re an e-nerd?

nah chubs its cool. :wink:


If fucking penguins and swans can do it, so can we.

I do agree that it comes down to personality and that some men and women can’t do monogamous relationships but for the majority of the population we definitely can.


Nah, was thinking more PM, more intimate that way. The e-nerdness is my dirty secret.

Theo has a quality, proportionate bod and is a decent looking guy in all fairness, apart from the fact he looks altogether too much like a bobcat.


Listen, I’m sure Cuellar is every bit the alpha male he claims to be, and would probably steal every last one of our wives/gfs away from us if given the chance, ffs he’d probably snatch @Robin_L 's fiance right from under her nose if he swung that way. BUT NO WAY IN HELL HE’S A PIECE OF SEXUAL CHOCOLATE like my Theo bae. Theo is on another level.