Sead Kolašinac (31)


Him joining on a free has done criminal things to his exposure.


Don’t compare Kola with Poldi or you know Wenger is gonna sell him as well :mustafi:


I fully expect him to get into training ground altercations with Wenger’s Powerpuff girls at some point.

He’s going to rub them the wrong way, Walcott’s probably already sick at the sight of him.


He is already our 3rd best goalscorer this season :mustafi:


Fucking hell Kola is made of concrete!! how did he not get badly injured from that horrendous tackle from Luiz?! You even heard it on the tv.


Terminator. No one can destroy him.


Best signing of the summer for sure. By the end of the season players will be too scared to touch him. And he’ll just run riot over everyone on our way to the fourth place trophy… :grin:


It’s really nice to have a player that can go toe to toe with the big boys physically. I get sick of guys like Victor Moses bossing our petites down the wing.


Getting tired of the over-excessive praise because of his physique, because he’s ‘built like a brick’.

He wasn’t good yesterday.


^^^ Jealous


lol, no, I would hate to look like that.


Why? You might actually get a girlfriend that way :wink:


Cheating on my girlfriend is always a much bigger preoccupation than getting her in the first place. And any girl that is more interested in a Kolasinac type body than mine is very likely not interesting to me in the first place (shit taste).

Anyways, I find the over-excessive praise annoying not because of jealousy, lol, but because he can literally do no wrong and people do nothing but praise the fuck about him because of the novelty of a footballer (defender) looking like that, and because a lot of people who watch the premier league belong to these cultures like British or Yankee where that kind of hardman nonsense is more valued. I was hungover as fuck yesterday but my peanut sized mind could see he was poor. He’s been good otherwise (not sure if against Leicester, tbf, didn’t watch it and his positioning seemed kinda weird from the highlights, and against Stoke meh), don’t get me wrong, just annoying to see the news articles and unanimous praise of him when he actually wasn’t good yesterday.


He will really improve City once they sign him from us in two seasons time.


Poor Cuellar! You know, he would love to be like Kola, but eating too much paella and tapas doesn’t help him :thinking:


He didn’t perform that well yesterday but there were some bright sparks. I was saying to some friends before the start of the season that he wouldn’t be the first hench full back the likes of Hazard, Sane et al would have left for dead in their time. What matters is he’s generally been playing well and looks a proper talent. His frame will bring him praise for dumb reasons sometimes it’s just part of how our society is programmed really.


You da man!


Indeed, like I said, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good start for him and like you said he looks a good player overall. Not sure if great, or anything particularly special–the likes of Alex Sandro and Mendy (speaking of a player with a massive physique–I wonder if there’s less talk about him because we’re used to big black guys are on another level ability wise you’d have to say, but this unreserved praise of him when we honestly don’t even know if he’s a success for us yet (Bellerín started as well or better than him over his first 6-7 games, and look at him now…) was a bit tiresome for me in light of the Chelsea game…excessive praise doesn’t annoy me too much hence why didn’t feel the need to comment on it before Sunday but not calling a spade a spade (poor performance a poor performance) does.

Nothing to do with manliness, just to do with the fact that it’s the truth and that one can only be baited so many times before one falls for it. Am envious of those that are happy with just one person, it seems a better/more relaxing way to live.


Suddenly you seem really cool.


AlphaCuellar bro.