Scum thread


This guy just needs to leave ffs. I miss Tim Sherwood :disappointed:


God bless the GFP :laca:


I’ll be honest I don’t really care about either incidents. Fake, real, whatever.


Less than 2 means this season AND next. No issue for them damn it.


tbh it’s cause Tottenham are the smallest top 6 club. You don’t get clicks from a Tottenham story


Fucking hell. They gonna go long this season again. Their luck so far has been off the roof. Which is the number 1 element in a league winning side. God, hope City and Liverpool show their quality over them.


I really doubt they will win. It would be just as insufferable if Liverpool wins. Their fans are hell annoying.


True, and the other alternative got no fans. :giroud3:


Not 22 that’s for sure



Interesting constitution that states that you avoid military service if you win the Asian games.


For sure.

Spurs will be pissed that they can’t place that cup in their cabinet.


Right next to the world cup in their 2018 section :giroud2:


Tell you what, when I die how about I have all the major cups tattooed on my arse. Then put that in their trophy cabinet, and they can all kiss that.


This aged well


Ahahah! The circle goes on. Will their stadium ever be ready? :arteta:




disgusting. The FA will do everything to protect the golden boys. should get a 9 points reduction imo


What happened to the rule of one team must play all their home games at the one stadium?!

haha this is their 3rd stadium of the season!


Deducting points for playing a non PL game there would be a bit harsh.