Scum thread



Wembley is due to host an NFL match on October 28, the same date Tottenham are scheduled to play Manchester City. It is not yet clear whether Spurs could end up playing a home game at a third designated home ground.


Bit of a shambles really


:joy::joy::joy::joy: loving this. Gonna be a disaster season for the scum


Just like in days of yore with FA Cup semifinals - a neutral ground. Villa Park, an old favourite, would be equidistant for both sets of fans.


Isn’t using more than one stadium in a season for your home games breaching the rules?


I always liked that tradition

I like it when England play all over the country too


Maybe. But if so that’s a stupid rule.


Hearing they may be in for a points deduction over this.

They should get punished for sure, this is a shambles

Because of the NFL stuff, Spurs might have to face City in Twickenham ffs.

Complete joke. This is the highest echelon of English football l, not a fucking clown show. You’d get punished for this in the lower tiers.


Shit is getting real :henry2:


They got special dispensation to play one home game at Wembley this season, but now they’re just taking the piss.

Seen people on Twitter saying it wouldn’t be fair to punish Spurs for their stadium not being built on time. Fuck fair, throw the book at them! :sunglasses:


It wouldn’t be fair not to punish them.

Playing homes games in 3 different stadiums in a year, complete mockery


Twickenham?! :joy::joy::joy: Any links to this



The RFU have said they won’t be hosting any football game.

Fine it is then :joy::joy::joy:


Spurs v City at the Emirates it is then…


They can play rugby and dive without any problem, then.


hahaha would be the cherry on top for their window and stadium shambles… to be fair, 100 million would be smart move for them but their season looks like it could implode at any time - imagine if Kane goes down injured…


A spurs points deduction is our best chance of breaking into the top 5, absolute scenes.


No way they’ll deduct points imo.


Think so, but the rules are clear.