Scum thread


It was meant to be ready for next month


Oh damn, I had no idea. Well that all makes sense then haha


News has gone down well with fans…



does this potentially mean that their stadium is gonna cost even more than the reported £800m? :henry2: :arteta:


So Alli, Eriksen and Kane are good and gone :kos2:


Did they actually increase tickets 40%?

And to top it off, Big Vinnie dropping some science son :poldi:

“Less empty seats leads to a better TV product (money) but also better atmosphere, which in turn affects testosterone levels and territorial behaviour in players, therefore increasing home advantage. There’s financial value in every added league point too,” Kompany said.


Is that actually true?!

This will end up costing more than £1bn


Are you sure?
Space exploration missions are conducted at 1/4th the expenses.


The added expense for the stadium must be the cheese room they have


It’s crazy that a club like Juventus spent €155m on their stadium (which is admittedly smaller than Spurs new ground) but I can’t see how they’re on the verge of spending over 6 times that amount.

I mean Atletico themselves spent only €240m on their 67,000 seater stadium.

I just don’t understand where the inflated cost comes from.


Someone on here said Atletico didn’t build a new stadium but renovated an old one. I suppose that is cheaper.


Ah, that makes perfect sense then.


St Totteringham’s day is returning this season.

Very confident we will finish above these cunts


They have a better goalkeeper, defence, midfield, striker and manager. I’d say it’s unlikely.


Ad no replacements. It might cost them in the long run.



Well their always banging on about aiming for the fucking moon.


I’m surprised how many arsenal fans think we will come above Tottenham to be honest, they have comfortably finished above us the last 2 seasons and I don’t think our summer signings are anywhere near enough to overhaul that gap.


I agree.
They have still managed to keep all their best players, which is something we failed to do when we moved to the Emirates, and we haven’t really strengthened significantly in the transfer window, so it seems unlikely that with a new manager we are going to finish above them.

I don’t mind finishing fifth in the PL, as long as spurs are sixth.

Finishing behind them for yet another season is unacceptable but more than likely.


Where are you getting this info?