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Wenger pushing the board to commit to a stadium all those years ago looks more and more sage by the day.


That’s not what happened.


Starting to sound like Mourinho. Wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned at a certain point.


Given that football money has seemingly gone up more than property I’d say that is false. Even if it costs a billion they could re-pay around 20% of it by selling Kane.


If this is true Poch has a Wenger like job on his hands. Essentially they can only sign moneyball players and everyone will be desperate to move to get market rate contracts:

However, the incoming signings would have to fit into Levy’s wage structure, which is capped at a basic £100,000 a week, although not for him. He earned £6m, including bonuses, equating to £115,000 a week, in the year covered by the most recent accounts.

It will be difficult to find too many players who would improve Pochettino’s best XI and be happy to sign for, say, £60,000 to £70,000 a week, which is the threshold for many of his starters.

One example is Wilfried Zaha, who earns more than £120,000 a week at Crystal Palace. A deal for the winger would be complicated on many levels, not least in terms of the impact it would have on existing squad harmony, which Pochettino has fostered expertly.

Will Levy raise the wage ceiling? Yes, although not to market rates. In other words, the club’s stars could get more elsewhere, if they could get out – which is a big if under Levy.


Let see how loyal he is


For what? That’s about the going rate for a top notch stadium these days–complete w/luxury boxes, hi-tech amenities, etc.


I’ll be interested to see what happens with Alderweireld, Vertonghen, and Dembele, who are all out of contract next summer. All three have a lot of leverage and probably aren’t going to renew unless its at least a three year deal on big wages, and I don’t see Levy doing that. Alderweireld’s contract has a provision which allows the team to trigger a one year extension but, by doing so, also trigger a 25m buyout clause. So the decision to keep him is a bit easier because they can likely get 25m for him next summer. But overall they are in a tough spot as the team can’t really afford to let all three leave for peanuts/nothing yet they don’t have a lot of cover for them either. Dembele is really their only midfielder with any quality, except maybe Winks. But Winks has Wilshere ankles and no experience. And while they could lose either Alderweireld or Vertonghen and still have a very good CB partnership with Sanchez and whoever stays, their CB cover will be pretty dire.


Why should he remain loyal? Poch’s position and history at Tottenham is completely different than Wenger’s was with Arsenal.


How is it different?
Wenger took a mediocre club and made it world class.
And Pochentino took a similarly mediocre club and made it competitive.

Neither of them owe their respective clubs anything and can leave with respect at the time of transition of new stadium.

Why should have Wenger remain loyal?


You’re trying to spin something yet again when it comes to Wenger. Like he did us some sort of favour and he didn’t have a complete position of power unlike Pochettino.


Even if he did have complete position of power, why should Wenger remain loyal?
What does he owe to Arsenal?


The day VAR gets introduced into the league will be the day these fucks go back to midtable.

The shit they get away with every fucking game.

United as well ffs.


Everyone laughed when Kane said he wanted to stay at Spurs to win trophies

Joke’s on you :sunglasses:

Note where we finished too… :arteta:




Is the concern that it won’t flush?


Stopcocking around.


They even put the pressure on making a stadium ffs


We can at least try to overcome them. Difficult time ahead for Pocho.


I don’t get it… Its the 18/19 season now, presumably they were going to be playing there into 2019 anyway?