Scum thread


Arsenal: “Remember that summer when Cech was the only signing we made. That was bantz.”

Spurs: “Hold my beer”


In fairness their team is a lot more complete and balanced than ours was when we signed just Cech, however in the long run they’ll suffer for it especially when Kane fucks off which will be any day now.


It’s deadline day banter mate, leave your fairness at the fucking door.


The fact that without making a single signing their first 11 is probably still stronger than ours is the real banter.


Fuck out.


Fuck out


Fuck out


Think you’re forgetting the Wenger tax.

The Mourinho tax has Pogba worse than Ramsey ffs.

We’ll see


Fuck off elec you fuck out you ruined the cycle!!


I’ll fucking fuck you out if you don’t fuck out of fucking me out



:wink: Guys :wink:


“Pocho is brave for signing no one” :arteta:



There are some positives to Brexit…



Wow £1Bn! Design and build procurement ffs lol


30% more seems like he’s stretching the truth but I so wish it’s true :joy:


1 billion is way too much. But I hope somehow it is true.


It is pretty much true, they at least went over their budget by 100% from the £400m they originally wanted the stadium to he built by and it’s still not been finished.

Makes me appreciate what Arsenal did even more

Anyways, here’s Orny mugging Spurs off