Scum thread


Lots of comments there saying the “ITK” is a spoof account, unfortunately.


I thought that was the joke


Spurs rustling the market on the last days.

Apparently they are about to sign some Korean wonder kid called Fu Kin No Wan.


Does Pochettino still think he can the title and the Champions League with this squad?


I thought the joke was, “look at this ITK cunt who thinks he knows better than Grealish’s brother”


This guy always moves on deadline day…


I’m really surprised that they haven’t even looked close to signing anyone.

It’s unlikely that this team are going to get better than they already are, given the improvement we’ve already seem. So they’re effectively just standing still and hoping the teams behind them aren’t fast runners.

There was a huge increase in the price of season tickets for Spurs’ fans too, so I don’t imagine they’ll be happy with this. Though on the plus side, their new stadium does have a cheese room…


The cheese contains potassium benzoate.


Is the scum equivalent of OA having meltdowns haha anyone got any links


Their forums called glory glory for some reason .

Just type that into Google and knock yourself out


That’s bad…




What’s wrong with spurs current squad?




Have spurs eithen offloaded players?


Perhaps the new stadium hurt their pocket.


I know we’ve not had a stellar window but my god, what a change it is to have our transfers done early in the window and not have to deal with last minute clutches.

Fucking glorious.


Nothing, but you have to improve the squad years after years.