Scum thread


I have a very cheerful feeling they’re going to be shit this season.


Their manager is still Poch and ours is still Basque BRod. Given that I would consider any projection of us finishing higher than them to be pretty optimistic.


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Ay Mav you hardman you :heart_eyes:


Not even Poch can always work his magic, plus they could lack some ambition at this point.




and they say we are in their shadows and somehow they have eclipsed us and they are now the bigest club in london :xhaka:


Does it include their two put the pressure on Leicester and Chelsea trophies?


The next 5 years I’m sure are going to be fun watching the spuds. I don’t think their fans quite comprehend the maths behind this move. Its going to leave them broke for a long time now its running over budget especially.

Add the extra cash coming in from Russian, Tai, Chinese, American or wherever they may be from “Investors” (cough…cough) plus global appeal/wealth which they massively lack compared to rivals domestically and abroad just leaves them buggered…

And they will have to factor in something unexpected as well like we did with FFP failing so badly. My guess is Euro Super League or Quotas of home grown or UBER wages - something spanner in the works like that…

With the above - Jose “the whiney one who’s bubble has burst” Mourinho pressing the implode button right up the arse of every manu fan, and the chavs russian pipeline stuck on his arse in Israel and there big money stadium plans floating down past Fulham and I must say I feel good…:yum:

I see Europa people before me and they won’t get the chance to fuck up in cup final either…


People also say a lot too about it won’t hinder them because there is spookily much money in the EPL. But they forget too that bog standard players mediocre ‘project’ players used to be able to be picked up for 8m or so now you will be looking at stupid prices like 30m for a scrub of a player unless you grab an absolute bargain but they are rare.


I’d fucking pay to see one of those ‘money clocks’ set up outside the Lane, just to watch the numbers blurring by. Oh, and the tears of some local yokels in N17.:unai:


Yep, and Harry Kane’s WC golden boot award.


We have still managed to win some trophies in the last years, despite being shit. What have they won?


Mickey mouse trophies. I’d easily trade our lot over the last two seasons for Spurs’ lot. Since 15-16 they have surpassed us, as it was obvious they were going to, as the bald cunt and his ignorant yank pals allowed happen. But I’d easily trade an FA Cup and 76 games of shite for no trophies and 76 games of generally decent and coherent football (and the resulting far superior results).


The Spuds are in for a rough ride. Their new toilet bowl will hinder the quality of players they can get in for the next 10 or so years. All their “success” comes doen to Poch and his situation. Poch is single handledly keeping Spuds in the top 4. His players are massively overachieving. He good Ryan mason and Eric DIRE look acceptable footballers ffs :joy:


Eh, in the grand scheme of things, the last twenty years or so they’ve been basking in the cool, cool shadow of us. It’s actually classy from a club like Arsenal to let them have a few years of ‘superiority’ only to snatch it from their grasp when we’re feeling sassy again (this season).



So it’s fight with them and Manure for the 4th place. At least something to cheer about.


Scared they might come out of the blue with something today. Will be chok full of lols if they don’t though.


Read this thread :joy::joy::joy::joy: