Scum thread


To maintain that level they have to buy. They where third last season ahead of Liverpool. Scousers have invested big so that should relegate them a place already.
Going to pay a price for not landing a trophy this lot and we have every chance of topping them this season.


I agree Liverpool will be jumping them, Liverpool will be top 2 IMO. I’d still have spurs slightly above us though, I think Tottenham will be 4th or 5th.


Not to be a biased cunt or whatever as they are a very good team, but I think with proper management we are above them.

I’d feel more confident if VAR was implemented as their pressing game relies a lot on tactical fouls (and tbh they are a dirty team that get away with it so much) but they are spursy and I will back us over them.

I think people underestimate the Not Wenger factor tbh. At least I hope Emery will ensure people are.


Spurs have had their two years of fun. Time to send these cunts back where they belong. Below us.


Their Greatest Ever Premier League Era is coming to an end and was marked by us winning three FA Cups despite being a shambles while they won precisely nothing.


They’ll definitely do some form of business towards the end of the window, it would just be madness not to.


I’m not sure they will do that much.
They will do well to keep hold of their better players, because their wage structure is very strict, and probably the lowest of the top six clubs.
The’ve already had to almost double players like Kane and Alli’s wages so a lot of players who went to the World Cup, especially the English ones, will see what comparable players at other clubs are earning, and will want some of that.

In the last couple of seasons they have bought Sanchez, Moura, Llorente, Aurier, Wanyama, Sissoko, Janssen, and a few others but not many of them have been much better than what they already had.

With Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Trippier, Lloris, Son, Dier, Vertonghen, Davies, Alderweireld, Sanchez, etc, they have a very strong first team but probably not a lot of strength in depth, so that might be what Pochettino will look at.
I don’t see him being given the money to buy a world class player.

We can’t allow them to finish above us for yet another season, so I hope Emery can push on and get a top quality signing that will give us the edge over them because, as it stands, we are very similarly matched as far as our first teams go.


Jack Grealish seems to be the player they’re most strongly linked with, and even that has gone a bit quiet over the last few days.

I think he’s a decent player, has been good for Villa recently – has really got his act together.

But you never know whether these players can make the step up or not. Plus, never trust a player who plays with his socks rolled down to his ankles :grin:


Season’s approaching fast. Gotta brush up on FOYS!


Bet they took ages to come with this name


I like it, rather that the same brand or airline named stadium.


Shithole stadium would have been better.


They haven’t moved. I don’t get why it was even necessary to change the name.


affectionately known as ‘the toilet bowl’


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Odd one.


Who cares. 5. Place incoming for these inbred fekers


Yeah! We are gonna get our “4th spot trophy” back. That’s the spirit! :kos2:


You’d think they had a new stadium to pay for… :henry2:


Beginning to suffer financially now :henry2:


It’s odd really. Atletico just got a new stadium and invested close to €100 million this summer whilst Arsenal and Spurs need to sit on their hands.