Scum thread






yes quite appropriate - just hit flush toward the latter part of the season every year.


Would love takin a big fat morning dump in that shithole.


I sww that doing the rounds on twitter but some ppl were saying that’s Chelsea’s new stadium not the scummier scum.


Chelsea haven’t started building their stadium yet. Plus I’ve been past spurs new stadium and it does look like that’s the one :slight_smile:


Just flush the toilette. That’s it.


Chelsea new stadium has been put on hold no news on when it will be built


The way they’re going they don’t need a bigger stadium.
It might be better for them to downsize.

There is only so much that plastic supporters and glory hunters will put up with before they look for another club to follow.


Please please happen.
Chelsea falling back into obscurity…I will dig that so much…


:wenger: :wenger: :wenger: :wenger: :wenger:


seems like all those fans who were taking the piss out of our emirates move will have some bitter tears. Looks like they will be hampered in the transfer market too maybe not as much as us but that looks like the stadium has hit them like it hit us. Their stadium is nearly £1bn and it looks like a toilet bowl and should have never cost that much it went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over budget.


Pochettino: “Players who have signed new contracts like Harry Kane, Son, Lamela, Davinson and Michel Vorm – that’s like signing five new players.”

He’s ripped that straight out of the Wenger book of “Great excuses after a poor transfer window.”
I notice he doesn’t mention their best player, Eriksen, when talking about new contracts.
Unless he signed one just recently.


Has Wenga become Spurs manager? :grinning:


“Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy over budget”. I’d like to think some closet gooners in positions of power in the construction company made sure of that.:wenger:


Looool I knew it wouldn’t be long before you picked up on that one.

I do agree with you on this one though.


I really don’t even understand the logic behind saying “it’s LANS”. Clearly, you haven’t signed a new player. You’ve kept the same player you already had.

Didn’t understand it when Wenger used to come out with that statement, and it continues to be a nonsensical thing to say.


Pretty sure they do it just to rustle jimmies.

Which I can respect.


So no ambition then are we saying. Our last 2 windows are pissing over them.


It’s fantastic they aren’t making the squad any stronger, but if they maintain the same level I have my doubts Emery will be able to propel us above them, hoping for the best and time will tell.