Scum thread


I only have two questions. What is the release clause and when does it activate.


Makes sense as Poch was clearly promised some things to induce him to sign a new deal.

Kane, you had one job and that was to fuck off to Spain.


he cant even speak english how will he survive there.


I think the reason Kane must really like being at spurs is because it means he can always be the PL top scorer.
He gets to keep all his own goals, and then put Eriksen’s on his total as well.



Its certainly not to win trophies anyway…


Heck of a signing really. 6 years effectively making his price mega-money if someone was to come in for him anytime soon. I wonder how much of an effect this has for them financially in the transfer window?


It will hurt as they are piss poor compared to the rest of the top 6. With all the cash they are burning with the new stadium its going to be a lean few years for the spuds…



£90m over 6 years = £15m a year = £288k a week.

If the numbers are true, they’ve paid the market rate to keep him. The question is, how much does that fuck up the wage structure at the club?


Isn’t £288k if he hits his bonuses? I doubt it’ll be that much in reality.

Their wage bill is like half ours, they must have room to give a few players a pay rise. Wage structures are for losers.


But that 7m increase limit. :gunnersaurus:


Very glad that Mr. Klaim has decided to prolong his stay at the shithole. That means Eriksen will leave as soon as possible as he doesnt like inbred people claiming all his goals. Future is bright!


I’m not sure it does, I think all players go for market value anyway. Less than 300k a week is good value for Kane right now. It’s the same cost as buying a 45m player and paying him 150k a week.


less than 200K would still be a good value!


Or maybe because he can only fit into Spurs’s system.


Come on that’s nonsense




Listing their trophies?
That won’t take up much space.
What style of writing are they going to use?
Old English and Roman numerals?

Ye old spurs football club.
League winners MCMLI/II season.

There isn’t even colour film of it.


Think you’ve missed the joke in the tweet mate :slightly_smiling_face:




I just realised, and I wasted all that great sarcasm :grinning: