Scum thread


I had no interest in the points, all that mattered was where we finished…Do you think Leicester fans give a shit how many points they got, when they won the league…I bet they don’t…


I believe you.

But if finishing position is all that counts then let’s just focus in the fact that they’ve comfortably finished above us and in the top four for two seasons running with a vastly inferior budget.


As I said earlier, we finished above them for 20 YEARS, with an inferior budget…Most of the time…


All I’m trying to say here is The Scum have done it for 2 years, and are being lauded left, right and centre for being fantastic, yet we did it for much much longer, and got ridiculed most of the time…
Fed up of all the “how fuckin wonderful Tottenham are” talk…




We didn’t have an inferior budget to Spurs for most of that time.

But let’s say we did, you’d praise Wenger. But you won’t do the same when Pochettino does it.

The reality is that we are a massive, successful club. Spurs are not. It’s this disparity that leads people to expect better of Arsenal than just finishing in the top four (though that looks pretty good to me right now) and it’s this disparity that means people will praise Spurs for finishing in the top four. They’re a small club who historically have done fuck all, so the past few years have been a success for them.

I don’t get why this is hard to understand. If you think we deserve the same credit for finishing in the top four you’re basically denying that we are a far bigger, greater club than they are. Which would be an odd thing for an Arsenal fan to do…


We didn’t get ridiculed most of the time, we finished above them for more than 20 years and were justly praised most of that time and have always been considered better than them all that time. When we were great nobody was shy to pay their tribute to an amazing team and nobody underappreciated us.

Only in the last decade, after people have witnessed us give the same kind of performances and fail in the same ways, they have started making an anecdote out of us, not without reason.


If Pochettino left spurs and Artera took over as manager, would people be worried about it?


I’ve never not praised Pochettino at all, I think he is a very good manager…But all this talk about how fuckin wonderful Tottenham are doing is bollocks…We’ve been doing it for 10 times longer…The way everyone goes on, you would think that Scum have won every trophy going…They have won feck all…


When was the last time we looked as threatening as they have in the CL?

They topped a group that included Real and were the better team than Juve over two legs, that hasn’t been in us for over a decade.


Ok, so we’ve both not won it…



Lucky them


The timing is interesting…

Clearly he was waiting to see if he was the successful applicant for the Arsenal job before doing that :sunglasses:


Him signing a new deal makes it sweeter when he fucks of next summer


That’s massive news for Spurs, someone would have to give them a massive amount to get Poch out of that contract.


Fair play haha


fekin bastards. Hope Madrid will snatch eriksen this summer.


Argh fair play you cunts


Spurs wining the banter trophy now too.

What a time to be alive.