Scum thread



Will he claim the eurovision too?


Well they finished on 77 points pretty good, I mean they’ve been a lot better than usual in their history so that’s a thing for them. However I doubt they’ll ever make that jump and become like a legit top club, they’ll always kinda be floating around that slightly better than mediocre level.


77 points would still be Wenger’s 2nd best season in the last decade, so it kind of puts into perspective Poch’s achievements.


Still a bunch of cunts tho :joy:


I keep wondering how long they can retain their key players if they continue to finish each season empty handed.

The fans and sycophantic press will carry on frothing at the mouth and masturbating wildly to their “progress” and “we put the pressure on trophies”, but their players won’t be satiated by that forever.

I suspect they have a maximum of one more season with Alli, Eriksen and Kane before at least one of them decides they can’t waste any more of their career without medals around their neck. A lot rides on next season for them otherwise this team will start getting dismantled (it could even happen this summer).


Think Eriksen will be off in the summer if he plays a (hopefully) good world cup. He is the heart of their team imo.


Nah progress ends now. Next season they’ll be expected to do something.

I think they keep the band together for one more year but they’re in a bit of a dodgy situation where I just can’t see them making signings any better than what they have. I think summer 19 is where it all falls apart.


They’ll most likely keep their players this summer as they move into their new stadium. I’m sure some of the players want to be there for that and also they’ll need to keep a good team to attract fans etc. to the new ground.

Hopefully the wheels start falling off after the honeymoon period is over whilst Allegri is doing the business for us :smiley:


Could have easily prioritised the FA Cup in the last two seasons and won it if they didn’t turn their noses up at it. That would have levelled expectations before moving into their new ground and given them more time to form more of a team.

Rumblings of manager unrest + having a major tournament where their big players will be on show infront of the world. Can see them being picked off and loaded onto the banter train again.


Think a lot of us are being ignorant to their continual progress. This trophy thing, although significant, could very well prove to be a measly thing to split hairs with. They’ve done amazing work in recent times and their disappointments haven’t halted their progress as of yet. There’s every chance it pays off big before this impending collapse.


They haven’t won a trophy but they are twenty two points ahead of us in the PL and have qualified yet again for the CL while we fall further behind.

Perhaps Wenger was right and fourth place really is a trophy.


It’s only 12 points, but your point still stands. I genuinely had to check the table then as 22 points seemed a massive difference from fourth to sixth haha


This amazing work you talk of…What is it?

Is it getting in the Champions League places and not spending any money…Because, I seem to remember that we once had a bloke here recently who did that for nigh on 20 years, and recently, used to get slated for it…


No, it was mostly getting 86 points in the league, something a bloke that used to work here hadn’t done for fourteen years.


We won the league with 79 points once, going back a while, I think Man Utd won it with 75…Who cares how many points you get…Do you remember how many points we won, when we last won the league, I don’t, and I don’t care…I just remember we finished first…


I do we won it with 90 in 2004, 87 in 2002 & 78 in 1998.


Google is our friend…


But I bet you were one of the first to point out our points tally being the best it had in years when everyone was slating Wenger for finishing second to Leicester.


I could pretty much list every Champions tally off the top of my head in the last 20 years since I have followed the sport, no word of a lie… Only EPL that is.