Scum thread


Cmon Newcastle hold on.



Another trophy for Spurs. :joy:


Pathetic scums, just pathetic. Fuck off!


Don’t forget the “wins away from home” trophy


Quarante-neuf, you French dorque.




The media bias is unreal. Arsenal would get slaughtered for celebrating finnish top 4. But Klaim and co. Are getting hailed and is the next thing since sliced bread.


Are they?

Real question. I pay very little attention.


My Spurs colleague at work said to me today that he thinks this season is a success for Tottenham. If you told him at the beginning of the season that, after 38 league games played away from home, that Spurs would finish (possibly) third, that he’d bite your hand off.

I retorted by saying they could have done with some silverware this season, next season definitely, to live up to their newfound ‘accomplishments’ of being a top team and he swiftly moved the goal posts more so in the way of them ‘breaking the new stadium in’ for a couple of seasons :facepalm::poldi:



Well, I mean every team thinks they’re treated unfairly. But there is a lot of fuss being made about Spurs. Like this:

Some of the comments under this and elsewhere on Twitter allude to the idea that from 2006 we didn’t get as much fan fair from the press about continuous top 4 finishes with a tiny net spend, and we were laughed at for the “fourth place trophy” (even though we didn’t actually finish 4th as much as everyone thinks, but that’s another story).


I was listening to talkSPORT recently and the one guy was going on about how if you were a new football fan choosing to support a club right now, Tottenham are the clear choice over Arsenal as they are going places in the next 10 years that we aren’t. This level of delusion is just astonishing, I mean actually stop and think about what is being said here.

In the last three years when they’ve apparently developed into the greatest side ever seen in England according to many “journalists”, we’ve won three trophies to their none. They’re moving into a new stadium now which will hit the wallet, and they’re also probably going to lose their best player (or a few of them) and Pochettino within the next year or two. We’re now making a massive change to our club by moving on a fading manager, and surely we will begin to compete better in the next few years.

I’m just completely dumbfounded as to how people believe that not only has a power shift taken place, but that it is irreversible and Arsenal are fading into oblivion whilst Spurs are the next Real Madrid. I cannot wait for these people to read their headlines 5 years from now.


I fondly remember as a six year old doing this to figure out which team I should follow. :joy:


remember lads, standards are different.

Tottenham are celebrated for finishing top 4 because everyone knows that is an achievement for them and they’re not going to do much better.

It’s not an achievement for a club like Arsenal. That’s why we get abuse for it.

It shows the gulf in size of the 2 clubs that Arsenal get abused for doing what Tottenham are celebrated for.


Apparently Harry Kane visited Fergie in the Salford hospital today, which I reckon is a really nice gesture…

“His speech is getting better, and he is almost putting full sentences together”

Said Fergie…


Top 4 is an achievement these days because two decent teams will be 5th and 6th.

Finishing 4th when the 5th team was a shit version of Spurs, Everton or Aston Villa really wasn’t anything to shout about.

And holding onto top 4 for so long was in part down to the success that came before it and the team we were able to build from that.


You may have chosen wrong XD


This 1,000%. Once the sleeping giant has awoken, the 6th richest club in the world, in one of the most glamorous city’s in the world, with the greatest history of any club in the immediate area, we will be threatening Champions League every year, and the scum will still be celebrating top 4 if their lucky.


Such a small-time club. They will win anything.


If Pochettino leaves they haven’t got resources to pay another top manager and they are also going to have the problem of players like Eriksen, Kane, Lloris and Ali wanting wages matching up with equivalent players at other clubs.

They sold Walker to Man City, who has probably doubled his wages and already won a PL title and League Cup, so any of their top players are going to look at what he has done and be tempted away when the big clubs go after them.


White Elephant Lane.:beer: