Scum thread




Scenes when Poch moves to Juventus paving the way for Allegri to join Arsenal, while Spurs get Ranieri

The fume from Spurs fans would require several boxes of popcorn :laughing:


I’d imagine that they’d welcome bringing in a manager capable of winning things :giroud:


Not as funny as if Poch moves to Arsenal instead.


Doing a Sol Campbell :smile:

Would be funny for a while, but not sure i’d like him as our manager in the long run. He’s definitely not the worst candidate but neither is he in my top 5.


^^^ Poch fan boys gonna be all over this…


The ideal scenario would be:
Allegri from Juventus to Arsenal
Pochettino from spurs to Juventus
Howe from Bournemouth to spurs



What have you got against Eddie Howe?




I don’t really want an ex Spuds manager but Poch might well be a better manager than most we’re being linked to, Allegri included.


Still more successful than Pocho, tbh :mustafi:


They’ll be saying this to our fans 'but we will still beat you in the league and be the pride of london you mugs because have ‘arry kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane’

Sad mugs


I think Kane won’t be hanging around too much longer.
He has already started having a go about the English “weak mentality,” because everyone was laughing at him because he was trying to claim a goal that someone else scored.

Imagine if Kane had taken that free kick and it had brushed the shoulder of Eriksen.
Would he just let him take the goal from him?

He has gone from saying “I never wanting to leave spurs,” to insulting the media and other supporters, and become a laughing stock in the space of a season.
He could earn twice a much, and maybe win a few trophies elsewhere, although seeing him ridiculed by every opposition supporter is quite entertaining.


Yeah it’ll be interesting to see what will happen if Poch does indeed jump ship – which he seems to have alluded to a couple of times now.

Will the likes of Kane be thinking, “well if he doesn’t believe in ‘the project’ anymore why should we?”

One thing Spurs do have on their side, though, is the new stadium – that could tempt players to stay (if only for a year) because they want to experience that.


I personally don’t want Pochettino either. His record against the best teams away from home is comparable to Wenger’s (ie utterly shit) and he hasn’t managed to win anything with Spurs despite having some very good opportunities over the past few seasons.

The key thing is that he hasn’t been able to change Spurs’ bottling mentality. Granted, that is a fucking monumental (if not impossible task) but for me, changing the entire vibe / ambition of our club is the most important characteristic of our next manager. Need somebody who has a bit of a cut-throat edge to them, somebody who is feared in a way by his squad, somebody who has a winning desire that rubs off on everybody at the club etc.

Pochettino’s best quality seems to be that he is an excellent developer of young talent. However, I just feel like we need a complete breath of fresh air (like Allegri or whoever else) who is going to just shake the whole club out of its slumber.


If Pochettino was realistic he’d easily be the top target for me (as Tuchel is not realistic).


86 points is no joke. We haven’t even come slightly close to that in a decade. And we now have a Kane level striker too.

Poch would be an immense hire. He’s basically improved every player that’s played under him which is exactly what we want. With our ability to buy players better than Sissoko, not sell the ones we already have and produce decent young talent, I think he’d be perfect for what we’re looking to do.

He’s completely out of reach though.


86 points is an impressive season, but ultimately if you don’t win anything and then follow it up with a relatively mediocre 70 odd point season (what they are on target for this year) despite (i) having an extra year of team cohesion; (ii) supplementing the existing squad with new players; (iii) youth players developing further; (iv) keeping your star players; and (v) pretty much unanimous backing from the fans and your chairman - I don’t see how he is the perfect fit for us when the scene was set for them to turn this momentum into an actual achievement / trophy.

He’s a very good coach who has plenty of experience in England that hasn’t actually won anything tangible. The FA Cup this year was a prime example of how far he’s taken Spurs but also how far he still has to go.

Losing in the FA Cup semi final, having the terrible away record they do and blowing their title challenge against Leicester are just examples of how brittle Spurs still are under Pochettino.

We’ve been so brittle under Wenger for so long and I want us to steer away from hiring a manager who appears to be showing the same tendency to fall short just when it matters.


They switched grounds this year which for some inexplicable reason has a very cognitive effect on team performance. It’s the major difference why they couldn’t built upon the momentum they picked up last year and the year before that. If you look at the table that’s exactly where the difference comes from - they have collected almost the same amount of total points from their away trips as last year (one more actually), whereas they have fallen 16 short of their last home points tally with two home games left to end the season.

It is not beyond possibility that switching grounds will be the demise of their title aspirations because they will lose the aura of their home football. They were very strong at the Lane under Poch and if they had stayed there I think they might just have had enough to walk the walk soon enough. To some extent moving stadiums is like playing all games away because the new place is not your home, not yet. And it will take some time to feel like home, just long enough for Kane and Poch to fuck off, who are the two determinants that could make them champions.

All in all I wouldn’t write down this season as a negative in Pochettino’s book. There was a significant change of scenery for them and even at their best, they still wouldn’t have been able to compete with City this year. If they get the 4th place, and considering they did well in the CL and played a cup semi-final, they were competitive.


Or they already peaked? This core has been at it for ~four years now. Normal cycle for a team.