Scum thread


And they won’t come close to winning either of those.

Where do these clowns get this from?


will soon be hearing from them ‘if only we kept Harry Kane we would have wont the treble’


The word “alone” is important there, and makes the statement perfectly reasonable. To judge Pochettino’s success on trophies alone would be stupid. What he’s done with them in the league and at times in the CL makes him a success there clearly.

But the lack of trophies is is relevant and absolutely something I’ll continue to mock them over, but anyone who says it isn’t the be all and end all is right.

We got mocked for a lack of trophies because we are Arsenal and winning trophies is what was expected of us. They get an easier time than us about the lack of trophies because they are Spurs and nobody expects them to win anything ever lol. If you (in the general sense, not you specifically) don’t understand why we got a harder time then you’re basically ignoring the fact that we are a far bigger and more successful club than Tottenham, and Arsenal fans aren’t usually quick to do that. Not to say that they deserve the total free pass they get in some quarters, because of course trophies matter if you want to be considered a big club.


PFA chairman is making fun of Kane too :laughing:





Kinda adding to this point, but you know who never gets a hard time for not winning trophies?

Bloody Liverpool.

Haven’t they won like 1 trophy in the last 12 years or something? The league cup under dalglish.


Used to irk me so much.
When we were in that trophyless period, Liverpool were the same with just a year less compared to us and we’re out of Top 4 multiple seasons.

Which when you compound with fact that they haven’t won league title since 91, you would think they would get proper beating in media but no Arsenal went trophyless…that’s more of a news.





I’m sure Mr Levy will have a silver boot 2017-18 trophy moulded for him to add to that.




FFS. :joy::joy: Absolutely laughable they’ve had to apologise. Fucking spurs loving media




Please don’t tell me this is serious!! Please!! :joy:

Edit: it’s not phew! I thought f365 wrote an article about it. It’s just some daft prick sending in an email :joy:

Relieved as I quite like the f365 website lol


I don’t really have much of a problem with some virgin with 100 followers having a joke at Kane’s expense… What is less funny, is the likes of the FA and the PFA, who’s wages are paid by Kane and other players, getting involved in it… Mark Ogden, Neil Custis et al need to get their houses in order

“some virgin” :rofl:

I can’t believe people are genuinely in uproar over some jokes and memes.

Other players have been treated worse. Sterling for example. There was a time when he was absolutely slaughtered by the media et al, for doing things like driving a “flashy” car.


Sterling is a young black man so it’s very different for him when it comes to how the media portray him :slightly_smiling_face:


The funny thing is, that the more people defend Kane, the more publicity he will get for his selfish and stupid behaviour, and the the more it will carry on.

He is just being shown up for the idiot he is.

I’m won’t be surprised if Kane contests the golden boot because he is the striker who has scored the most goals this season, and that Salah shouldn’t win it because he is a midfield player.


Lol, don’t upset Kane before the WC, they never cease to amaze me…petty


Kane has nothing on Boutaïb anyway :slightly_smiling_face: