Scum thread


Perfect timing as they’ll move into their stadium and have to scale back a nonexistent budget as well.


Fingers crossed Chelsea beat them in the final. Don’t really mind Conte (wouldn’t mind him being our next gaffer)

If Giroud scores the winner in the 90th minute, I’d be delighted. Mourinho and the snake Sanchez faces would be a picture


'cause he wants to focus on the Champions League :smile:


Yup, just sitting quietly by and watching the cunts implode. Pass me my beer.


Yeah not good enough by Tottenham, they needed to win the FA cup this season.


Anything Spurs hurts my eyes.

But yeah that site is a turd.


Good man Kev. :rofl:


A big club only has to come sniffing by now and see what players are prepared to jump aboard. Think we’ll see then how much Poch is worth to the team; can he instill belief in them? I’m intrigued to see how they cope with the new stadium and if this hinders them financially.


I love our twitter admin :joy::joy::joy::joy:

No way this wasn’t intentional after today’s game. Elite from our admin :joy::joy: he’s done everything but @ spurs :joy::joy:


Ah here we go. I was wondering how long it’d be before another one of these articles appeared. It’s weird how trophies mattered when we went all those years without one. If they want to be considered a big club then they should be judged as one!


Embarrassing. Where have all these journos come from all of a sudden with their heavy Spurs agenda?


The only club that get away with not winning trophies. Fucking pathetic how the media do love them.


Hopefully Eriksen and Kane will have agents that will persuade them that they can earn more than twice as much elsewhere, and win more trophies.

I agree.
Conte could do a great job here.
Maybe Wenger could go the other way and join up with Giroud again.
Wenger must be the only manager that Abramovich hasn’t had at Chelsea :grinning:


The media genuinely are so precious about spurs. Why lol




What is it with these cunts that the media love so much? :joy::joy::joy:


It must be the fact that they’re English no?


They’re still a smaller club, and what they’ve done for the last 3 years is remarkable because of that. If this was Everton, Aston Villa, Leicester etc. doing this with England’s star player up front they’d get the same treatment too.

But the standards are completely different. Even Liverpool have higher expectations because of history and coming close a few years ago. Anyone can win cups with a bit of luck but top clubs win leagues and they haven’t won the league in nearly 60 years and in that time they’ve also only finished second twice. That’s why they’ll never be judged to the same degree as bigger clubs or title winners (not sure you could call City a “bigger” club).

I’m sure their time will end and they’ll go back to being a 5th-8th club, it’s just a matter of when. Levy is still in charge and he has plenty of history of screwing things up. They have several players that are likely to want to leave at some stage and they’ll be very hard to replace. Even if you receive £200m for him you don’t just buy another Kane with that.


So I had the pleasure of watching this match yesterday with my bro and nephew the spurs supporters. I raised the question about their level of concern about losing players and manager because of lack of trophies and success. They are brain washed by Poch. Pretty much echoed his sentiments about the FA Cup being irrelevant and it’s all about the PL and CL. Good god these spurs supporters and the mental gymnastics they have to perform in order to make themselves feel like they are relevant :joy::joy::joy:


It (partially) depends on us to…for that too happen.