Scum thread


Yup, that fucking pathetic. Hey, maybe there’s a trophy for that.


Still enjoying the Kane bashing


Kane now claiming he was the one who took the shot from the grassy knoll


That free kick was heading towards the corner flag until Kane used his shoulder to guide it towards the goal, with precision and skill.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Kane is just embarrassing himself.



of course he is haha, FA loves spurs


Another trophy for them :mustafi:


I see it more like ‘just give the whinny bitch the goal and be done with it’


Typical cowardice of the FA, unwilling to take child’s life.
Pathetic weaklings.


It’s also been confirmed that Harry Kane was in fact the first person to step foot on the moon


no way was that his fucking goal. Even if the conning fucker touch the ball it didnt change direction at all so slight was the touch (no he didnt touch it) so in reality it cant be said to be his goal. I could understand it if the touch changed the direction enough that it caught goalkeeper out but no difference was made at all from Eriksens strike. I hope this has caused upset in their dressing room from his selfishness and it fucks them up going forward bunch of fucking wasters.


I hope Salah wins the Golden Boot.

Typical small club mentality from Spurs and Kane.


The only way this is acceptable is if Salah is awarded a goal equally as terrible as this to win the golden boot.


Salah isn’t happy!

Whereas Vardy is just laughing at him :joy::joy: elite from him. :joy:




If I was Eriksen, I would stop passing it to Kane

The fucker might even claim the assist stating double touch of the ball.


So the FA can’t overturn obvious red card appeals or give obvious retrospective bans for bad tackles but they can summon their imagination to award Harry Kane a non-existent goal?

Fucking joke of a favitorist, nepotist organisation.



Perhaps the FA should take a look at all the goals spurs have scored from situations gained by diving, and then adjust their points total.


Lol what did he expect? :joy::joy: