Scum thread


They’re running out of room


They might actually win our coveted FA Cup this year though.


At least it would put this embarrassing smugness about nothing to bed.


Just looked at some longer-term stats b/c I was curious… let’s just say sample size doesn’t lie…

The last 5 years including this year up to now COMBINED, we are 2 points behind Spurs.

If you look at only the last 3 years (including this year up to now) combined, we are are 23 points behind… that is over the last 108 games in the Premier League.

Curious to know what it would look like for Pool, but man… that is some tragic reading.




Wenger + advantages of managing a bigger club vs. Sherwood/Redknapp—> Winner: Wenger

Wenger + advantages of managing a bigger club vs. Pochettino—> Winner: Pochettino


Yeah I think many of us had that thought, but looking at the starkness of those numbers it is just a shambles… 23 f*ing points over almost 3 entire seasons…


Ohh and if you restrict to last 2 it is 22 points lol… that third year back we were only off by 1.


ffs :joy:


Fucking embarrassing. Throwing his toys out of the pram because his team mate got given a goal. Pretty self centred. Just be glad you won and get over it! I guess he must be desperate to catch Salah and get the golden boot to add to the already full trophy cabinet!


Not as big since the gap with Liverpool was only one point last season?


He’s not gonna win anything with Tottenham so he’s desperate for personal honours to go with his put the pressure on trophies :joy::joy:


you watch this is the beginning of the end of him being at spurs. If he genuinely is acting like this already then it wont be long before people get sick of him Ala Sanchez here and he will be refusing a contract or begging to piss off elsewhere…heard it here first. He will be agitating for a move soon!


Obviously…he can’t compete (or win) the Premier League or Champions League at Tottenham. Of course he is going to leave them eventually. That’s really not a ground-breaking theory :laughing:.


he is saying the opposite though that tottenham is his home and he will never leave etc. Seems like his is getting frustrated already.


Such a small-time club.


Kane is getting roasted for appealing that hahahahahahahah

WHo gives a fuck if the team scores the goal loooool


Lame as fuck.


This is very CR7-esque.

Quite embaressing to say the least!


You know I kinda objected to the thread name, seems a bit small time calling them scum or whatever when they literally aint shit to us.

But I had a pop round glory glory to laugh at how they would defend this nonsense.

And what I saw was some nice Islamophobia and smearing of Salah as justification for this somehow…

I changed my mind lads, scum is exactly what this thread should be called. Weird, horrible bastards.


Don’t you know it’s fine to be islamophobic to anti-semites?!

Fist bumps Tel Aviv players = doesn’t shake hands with Jewish people. Does this guy work for the Daily Mail? :joy: