Scum thread


Neanderthal mindset. Fucking knuckle-draggers.



Even Putin thinks they are shit lol! :mustafi:


The 100 goals trophy will look good alongside the put the pressure on trophies :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m surprised they’re not having an open top bus parade with his boots on the top.


And then you wonder why they are a worse joke than us. At least we can take pride from real trophies, not fake ones.


I’m surprised they have any room in their display cabinet for a pair of boots :grin:

But no, jokes aside, there isn’t much wrong with this really. Sure, it can come across as small time, but Kane has come through the ranks and they’re proud of him – his goal tally is quite an achievement tbf. I’d imagine all the Spurs’ youth team players look up to him too – those boots can serve as motivation

Clubs are judged on trophies, but that doesn’t mean other achievements can’t be celebrated. I mean, just because I haven’t won a Nobel Prize, it doesn’t mean i’m not going to celebrate the fact that I managed to turn the light i wanted off in a hotel room at the first time of asking the other week, without pressing the other 10 light switches first :sunglasses:


They should keep that pair of boots and sell Kane :smile:


For the first time since 1990, Tottenham have won at Stamford Bridge. For the first time since 1995, they will finish above Arsenal and Chelsea in the league table. London is theirs.

ffs at how Tottenham are now the best London team and the only one that will be in the CL.


He mad


They could finish trophyless though :mustafi:


They won’t be trophyless u forget the 4th place tin pot


Not if we win Europa :rofl:


Nah, they still get in.


You can have 5 teams in the Champions League now.


Wow didn’t know that !?



At first the number didn’t really surprise me because of his longevity and were Spurs have came from since 2001, but the jump from one year to the next is huge.


Yea that’s pretty much what I thought made it interesting.