Scum thread


On one hand: I want him at the world cup.

On every other hand: :mustafi::mustafi::mustafi:


Looks like he has my ankle - nothing to keep it from going way too far over any more… thankfully I have extended by career for years with a special brace, but I imagine it wouldn’t work so well for someone at that level - it definitely makes certain things harder and doesn’t allow your foot to flex down as much as you need to strike the ball properly.


It’s too late in the season for this to make too much of a difference to Spurs campaign unfortunately.


Yeah… they are certainly good enough to hold onto top 4 I reckon and certainly there is zero chance of our catching them after today.


I’m hoping long term :pray:


Wow damn, I hate Harry Kane as much as the next guy, but shit I just don’t like wishing injury upon anyone. Maybe minor to fuck up their season, but career ending would be a shame.


I’m with you A4TT, wishing injury is a no no but… I’m Panamanian so… sorry Craigie but I really don’t want Kane at the WC. :laughing:


Wishing a broken ankle on Kane is seriously smalltime and a bit pathetic tbh, we’re Arsenal and should be finding ways to surpass their level WITH him in the side


They can still finish 5th and go out in the F.A. Cup :ozil2:


Hurrikane has to go to Russia. :pray::crossed_fingers:


Going out in group stage :ozil2:




Iceland anyone? :giroud:


I would like him to come back quickly so he can play for a move.

Being injured makes no difference to the fact that does are better than us




Sorry @Persona, you are going home soon :mustafi:


Fuckkk, didn’t think it’d be that bad! Hopefully he’s back just in time for the World Cup…


Lovely. Not sure how this alters their team shape however, Son has hit some decent form recently, 7 goals in all comps in the last month. Liverpool a point behind and could well finish stronger with this mishap!


They’ll miss him when they draw 0-0 as he usually is the difference. But they should still be firing without him. Son has been one of the players of the season. Hugely underrated.


:grimacing: :grimacing: