Scum thread


Tbf Chelsea’s league form is barely above ours right now, so unless that changes it certainly should be close.


Image us finishing 6th, but winning the Europa League, with Spurs 5th. Their fans would collapse :rofl:


Don’t tell me you have flip flopped again :scream::dizzy_face:


“Image us” doesn’t mean we are gonna win it :wink:


I’ve had to book my Range Rover into my local service centre as the Sat-nav keeps telling me Tottenham is in Europe.


So would you guys rather finish 4th in the league and get knocked out of the CL in the round of 16, with 0 trophies? Or win the EL and FA Cup in back to back years and finish 5th and 6th in the league? Be objective.


The former. I’ll take 38 games of good, coherent performance over like 5-6.

Anyways, we’re a long way from winning the EL curty poo.


Silverware definitely.

I’m desperate to win this Europa League. I’m not even bothered about the CL qualification part. I don’t think EL winners should qualify


We’ve finished 4th without anything remotely resembling that in the past.


No doubt, I’m talking about Spurs. The league has also gone up a level since Poch has gone to Spurs, Klopp to Liverpool, and Pep to City. Hence why we can’t sneak 4th anymore.


I’d like us to win the competition but it’s been a terrible watch so far and that takes a lot away from the prestige of the competition imo. At times the group stage felt like pre-season or u23 football, some of the worst opposition we’ve played in years, boring lineups and shit performances.


The latter. Fuck the 4th place if you can’t win trophies. No one will remember it.


Well it’s basically our reality. We had years of this

finish 4th in the league and get knocked out of the CL in the round of 16

And now to measure it against we have some sample data for this

Cup in back to back years and finish 5th and 6th in the league?

Safe to say 95% of us were happier in the first stage than the second, and also safe to say Spurs fans are happier with their last 1.75 seasons than we are, so personally I don’t really give a shit about the ego trip that is “a trophy” so that in 20 years people can gloat about supporting a club that has won 15 FA cups and a Europa League. I’d rather enjoy supporting my team which is the lowest it’s ever been in the last 1.75 seasons.

Personally I’m more about performance and memories. The 2017 cup final is memorable of course we were great and I was proud of that performance, however beating Barcelona is just as memorable. Beating Milan in the CL knockout was memorable whereas I’ll probably forget we even played them in the EL if we go far in it.

Spurs have had memorable games against Madrid, Dortmund and Juventus this year. They played very well against one of Europe’s best teams and can look at that think they should’ve gone through, and be confident about going again next year to do better. They have hope like we had in the Fabregas era.


Yea, alright Eric. :joy:


Would absolutely love to hear what Harry Kane has to say about the benefits of staying in the single market


Hopefully Kane’s debut at the Oxford Union is not far away


How many ankle injuries have he had so far? 3?



BEAUTIFUL :heart_eyes:


Similar to the one he suffered against Millwall last year: