Scum thread


Shame we can’t say that



*takes deep breath



He is still one of us!


Put the pressure on Leicester
Put the pressure on Chelsea
Put the pressure on Juventus

Fair play on winning the pressure treble spurs :joy:




Who is the littler spiderman? :henry2: Us or Spurs?


That’s Spiderman


My bad :facepalm:


Spurs obviously.

Were both shit and bottlers but Spurs even more so lol


A bigger competition, a bigger bottle job. Fuck 'em.


I’m pretty confident we will win the Europa League now. We always have the last laugh against Tottenham. They finished above us in the table for the first time in 20 years but still went trophyless, conversely we went and beat the league champs for the FA Cup.

This year, my money is on them finishing 5th, above us in the table again, except we will win the EL and be in the Champions League instead of them next season :joy::joy::joy:

We almost always embarrass the scum, without fail. Especially when the media and scum players try to claim they have taken over as the dominant team, we make them look stupid. I fully expect it to happen again.


Tottenham will finish top 4


I think they’ll bottle it as usual. Still have to play City, and then Chelsea away. Plus they’ve got Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth all away.


Stoke and Swansea away for them isn’t like it is for us.


Swansea will be tough, they are in good form. Stoke you are probably right. Spurs shit the bed at the end of the year though, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.


Yeah I think the Chelsea match will be the decider (as long as the gap between the two teams doesn’t get any bigger before then). That match is actually on April’s Fool’s Day - how apt :grin:

That loss against Juventus could have taken something out of Spurs too and could affect them - hopefully. So you never know.


Spurs should get at least a point at the bridge, simply the better footballing side.


Well Spurs lost the home fixture earlier in the season so I don’t see why Chelsea couldn’t win at the Bridge too. Of course it’s not a given, but Chelsea will be favourites.

They tend to raise their game against Spurs and rarely lose to them – I think it’s something like 3 defeats in 20 games. Remember that game two years ago – Chelsea were pretty shit going into it, then they celebrated ending Spurs’ title hopes like they’d just won the Champions League, lol.


Spurs finishing 5th behind Chelsea would be so good. Praying it happens. Spurs need bringing down a peg or two


Lol wut? Spurs are better than the side that ran away with the league less than a year ago? Sounds like someone is drinking the kool aid…