Scum thread


Can’t see Pochettino leaving Spurs for at least another year or two if I’m honest




Not sure many managers would turn down the opportunity to work with Neymar and Mbappe with unlimited funds at your disposal.

He could know the bubble is about to burst at spurs wrt wages he might jump ship now. Same ambious attitude that compelled him to leave Southampton should lead him to PSG hopefully


The state of Arsenal when you’re hoping for other team’s best players and managers to leave the country :joy::tired_face:


Yes! Done it!


Former player as well…

Exactly the kind of manager they need.


Would love him to leave but as long as Wenger stays we still won’t be better than them next season regardless of manger.


Pochettino to PSG, and Wenger to what Graham did, and leave us to go to spurs.


How good would Wenger at Spurs be ? We are seeing how bad current Wenger is at Arsenal, imagine him on half the budget.


Wenger to Spurs is about as likely as me marrying Justin Timberlake


AHAHHAHA! Probably trophyless again, but hey, thety have a big project!


We have nothing else Paddy let us have this :joy::joy:


A mate texted me almost exactly that. Haha


Nah, nothing beats the announcement of Özil’s new contract

Though it’s definitely amusing. I particularly enjoyed the Spurs fans bragging at half time. Always wait until the end of the match… always wait :sunglasses:


Help him out.


I’m almost certain they tweeted the exact same thing when Juve went up two nil in the first leg. Weak


As great as Pochettino is he got outfoxed hard by Allegri in that second half. Good contest over two legs.


Juventus’ sudden spell of dominance began so suddenly and was so obvious, MoPo just didn’t react to it. Davies pushed back well towards his own corner, the pace of Asamoah + a body in midfield


Love it haha