Scum thread


My last post and thanks for having me.
I came across this site before the NLD at Wembley. I wanted to see what the Arsenal fans thought and felt about the upcoming game. I was a little surprised how upbeat many were, with the thrashing of a very poor Everton and a couple of good signings everything suddenly seemed sunny even if it felt rather fragile . I was very nervous and you played us off the park at the Emirates , even if l thought we were a slightly better team before the game. The Wembley game l thought was very flattering to you as we should have 3 up before you had those last minute chances.
I have enjoyed our light hearted banter and your many different views . It’s a great site and rather well mannered compared to many . Really days of being competitive are very limited with the bent money buying success , for all of us .
Once again thanks ,

Alfie Conn


Rumours of he who must not be named’s fabled return were greatly exaggerated.


Knowing you’re a Spurs fan it’s tempting to tell you to just fuck off, but you seem like a pretty reasonable chap. So farewell and thanks for the laughs.

But fuck off regardless :arteta:


Fair play. You halfie conned us.


THE Alfie Conn? :thinking:

What a twist in this tale, I thought for sure that this was going to be Topo’s glorious return


Ah, yes. The fabled red-framed lectern.


Lol! I thought you were an Arsenal fan. Cunt.


Tonight spurs equal the club record of 16 unbeaten games set by …
Georgie Graham, a trophy winning season for GG


This is normally a real sports website so I’ve no idea what to make of this. :joy::joy:


This will never happen but it would be very fucking funny if it did :joy::joy:

Edit clickbait headline. It happens if Chelsea win CL and we win EL and Spurs finish 4th


I hope Chelsea winning another CL never happens.


I’d rather us lose our 9 remaining league games + both legs against Milan rather than Chelsea win the CL.


Chelsea probably won’t even get through against Barcelona, let alone win the CL, although we could do the other thing you said :grinning:


Jesus. You’d actually rather see us fail than see Chelsea have a bit of success?

It’s not like it’ll be them winning the CL before us – that ship sailed a few years ago. What difference would another make?!

Personally, my team comes before any other. What Chelsea do or do not do is not really that important to me.


What if it was spurs? :wink:


That would hurt more obviously. And we’d never hear the end of it. But I still wouldn’t wish failure on my own team. Not that it would ever be a choice anyway – but still, how can you watch your team and think “I hope we lose this”?


Didn’t you say you’d be fleeing to Yemen or something along those lines if Spurs win the CL ? Or was that someone else :rofl:


Yep I would :grin:

But I still wouldn’t wish my team to lose.


It’s not really wishing my team to lose as our results don’t have any impact on how Chelsea will go, but yeah I would be absolutely seething if Chelsea won the CL for the 2nd time in 6 years, especially because they aren’t much just good just like 2012.