Scum thread


Who cares. We will be back when Wenger leaves. Give them their place under the sun atm :wink:


Good boy ! That’s the fighting talk this club needs .
I’m afraid Luca, Wenger is fully to blame for the power shift in North London . No one else .
The Yid supporters must be laughing at us .
What a mess we are in !


as i have said many times, i think we have a capacity already to trash these fucking shitbags easily. The players know what will piss the fans off more than anything. How can you go in at halftime in a NLD and come out and play as you did, it is purposefully done. If it pisses of the fans and it gets the fans backs up and we generally underperform meanwhile fucking the manager in time the board can no longer keep Wenger.

I guarantee it the moment this dinosaur goes in the 1st or 2nd season from that we will either win the title or be actual genuine contenders and everyone will be saying ‘where was this arsenal under wenger’ hhhhmmmmmm i wonder where they were!

If you think we as fans are sick to fuck of Wenger imagine how the players must feel with his shit philosophies no tactics boring and useless training sessions no scouting of the opposition. Its horrible to watch but maybe that is the only way they know to get rid of the guy.


The mid nineties were similar were they not?

A couple years of them finishing above us, then a new manager, a suave Frenchman comes in and lo and behold, back in the shadow.

They played really well last night, and have done in recent seasons. They should enjoy it while it lasts.


How cute of me, in the beginning of 2016, rooting for Leicester to beat us thinking that the board would see that Spurs were on the verge of surpassing us and take action. Two years later and look where we are…


At least we know how to blame now…:campbell:

I’m confident that Arsenal will soon be back above them. In Sven & co I trust.:crossed_fingers:


Cute isn’t the word I’d use.


Me, too. Expect big thing from Sven in the summer. He knows his shit.


That’s the biggest problem with our club.
No one takes any action.
Wenger’s reactionary tactics in the transfer market are laughable, and our board are more than happy to pay someone 8m a season to drag us down even further.

The lack of ambition at this club is astonishing.


Even in the Guardian now. Wow! Give them a title soon, please! Pathetic rats.


Tottenham are like the arsenal of 10 years ago


Exactly. Play well, win 0.


Rumour has it if you say Tottenham out loud three times a wild Luca appears


I’ve heard a rumour too that if say spuds three times, your partner will think your hungry and you have a craving for some fries!


I just hate the cocksucking they receive in the media. That’s it.


What is this lies . They pay the poor to watch. They give shanty children tickets.
False news , They are corrupt like sergeant first class Basil Bombooba of the Mombossa Constabularly always getting caught with pants down with ladies of pleasure.



I do love that Spurs are getting this reputation.

It’s a shame they can’t have our shitty song.


When I day dream of being a footballer, I imagine myself mocking a fellow diving footballer by doing that kind of stuff.
That is exactly how I wanted to do it.

Kudos to him.



Harry Kane pictured with trophy for the first time in his career