Scum thread


These days? I’ve been horny since 2009


:henry2: :cech:


No such thing.


Get a room already

@Luca_from_Italy @Phoebica


I expected it from you :wink:



Yeah, everyone will remember their 0 trophies.


This “record attendance” thing is really getting on my nerves! I mean, so bloody what?! Most big teams would sell out Wembley if they played all their games there!


The media wankfest is truly disgusting. They only love them because they are full of english players.


So they say is not true . My uncle says figures are corruption.
Why so many watch this losing win nothing club . England must have many many insane people’s.
We played Wembley champs league l am sure we had biggest crowd.


Neil Ashton is a weirdo


Are they serious?? this real life :gabriel: :gabriel:


Spurs are shit though.

They think Hoddle and Waddle getting like 3rd was a golden generation.


Sad but true tbf :joy:



I hate you. Cancel yourself cunts!


“We put pressure on” and “We drew 2-2 against Juventus” trophies :ok_hand:


Imagine if Spurs won the CL, would you be done with football ?


Yeah, i am done. Quote me on that.



Whether we like it or not the hard fact is Spurs are a far better team than we are.
We only have A Wenger to thank for this .