Scum thread


“people report of an angry depraved italian man at the scene punching random people repeatedly with some mutterings about things like useless french baguette didnt win it first…we don’t understand what that means at present, more to follow”


They will be knocked out by the Italy team. They have poor players for Europe.
They have loud big support but nothing else. Season will end soon and we win
Euro Cup. Everything will be ok .


The media will still have their tongue up their arse though. “Another season where the little Tottenham have showed their worth”.


Hopefully with the new stadium they will go bankrupt. A club that don’t deserve to exist. Useless, small-time.


They won’t go bankrupt. No PL club will go bankrupt while deals the size of the tv deal being negotiated now are happening.


Hopefully struggle like we did with the Emirates though. Nothing club.


They should be nowhere . They spend little money , buy players nobody wants , pay little wage. All they have is very big many fans in England but not in Africa , Asia , America.
Don’t worry my uncle say all good players leave in summer because no money .




Even the italian media are cocksucking Tottenshit. Speechless :facepalm:


Don’t worry in Botswana the media sees them irrevelent
. I’m my village we have some Gunners but know Manchester City have some fans but God thankfully allowed no Spurs.


oh they have plenty, and we havent even got to the new premier league deal which might even dwarf the current deal, that could be close to an extra £75-100m a season to each club on its own.


And that double pitch deal with the NFL one underneath is a smart move. Watch that space.


Imagine he does a Sol and joins us :giroud3:


Great news for Juventus! He is by far their best CB.


The great news for Juventus was that they got Spurs in the draw tbh. They are gonna dismantle the scum with ease.


How many goals have we conceded in the last 16 games? Juventus have conceded 1 right? Or is it 0? Just wondering how close we are to that?


Not very :wink:


Should we laugh? :xhaka:


WTF :joy:


Sound reasoning as ever from the Youth Development of a British club. Good lord.

I’m 27 and it’s only now in the last 2 years that I’ve attained a level of fitness and athleticism I can be relatively proud of, all through hard work and motivation.

If these myopic cunts genuinely think they can judge the athleticism and discipline of a fucking 9 year old as some kind of indicator for their long-term future, what the fuck are they doing in the role.