Scum thread


And yet they have 0 trophies under Pochettino. What about starting winning some cups?



Finally some justice. He is worse than Ranieri in the end lol! Pathetic fat fucker.


Klopp petty poor in that too lol. I hate Wenger only because he’s a quality manager that has handicapped himself so hard with his team building and inadequacy in the market. Such a shame.


Nah, Wenger is a shit manager.


We have always criticized Arsenal because we have been pretty to watch, but have won nothing in the end and then we praise a manager who is yet to win a trophy in England?



Care to explain how he’s shit himself to 3 FA Cups in 4 years yet Poch has still accomplished fuck all? Honest question.




People will talk about our F.A. Cup record if United don’t win it this season or how City walked the league. No one will ever remember “Pochettino puts the pressure on on the big sides”.


Yep, beating City and Chelsea last season was luck. The grass is greener on the other side.


He got his tactics 100% when he beat City and Chelsea, but everything before those games was pretty much luck. Ridiculous draws for years up to that point.


I’d still take it instead of “we put pressure on”.


We’d probably be a lot better off if we had Arsenal’s budget with a manager like Poch. The combination would at least make me less likely to fall asleep while watching Arsenal.


It’s not even a Poch thing- it’s an anyone thing. By now, an Arsenal manager should seriously start feeling the pressure from upper management. You’ve just lost to your local rivals in a big game, you’re awful away from home all season and (in boardrooms where money talks) you’re precariously close to losing out on the cash cow of Champions League football next season.

If we were Chelsea with our run of results, Wenger would be justifiably shitting it right now.



C’mon Juventus!


Jaysus the scenes in here if the spuds win the CL just imagine that! Please dont have a heart attack or go on a murdering rage in the streets that you live if it ever happens!


I want Tottenham to burn in hell and go bankrupt. Dirty Levy fucker.

No problem though. The cock is not gonna win the Champions League.



Can imagine the headlines “Italian man goes on rampage after Tottenham win CL”

Police said “don’t approach this man if you see him as he is armed with food insults”