Scum thread


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Something else for the cabinet. The trophies just keep mounting up


As much as I can’t stand spurs or Kane, it is the first time I can remember them having a striker that I would prefer playing for us rather than any player we had, since Lineker was there.


Err I think you’re forgetting Janssen and Soldado


Why are Henry and Ageuro player of the month so less?


I guess because when you’re a great player the expectations on you are higher, so for them, having good months isn’t anything out of the ordinary.


Nice neg


Nah, because they have to have a photo of something, anything.

No doubt there’s probably a DVD of HK as a seven-year-old knocking a ball about down his local park.



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“We put pressure on” pt. 3.


Dirty scum club, you are losing badly against Juventus :wink:



We beat them at home worse. They returned the favor. Are they really that much better? I don’t think so, they just have a more cohesive unit built properly and we have disjointed team with a bunch of stiffs in it.

@Aussiegooner what i meant to say.


They have non-shit manager


Meh less shit would be more apt. He’s not that great.


No one will remember Pochettino when his Tottenham career will say 0 trophy in the cabinet.


“We put pressure on for 100 years and yet win nothing”.


Basically what you have said just after you said you don’t think they are better, suggests you think they are better lol.


Btw just because Poch is more pragmatic doesn’t make him better than Wenger. He’s got a strategy to win league matches fair enough if top 4 trophies is all u want but when the shit hits the fan up against the big boys in cups ect he’s got no answers.


Spurs have got 7 points from 3 consecutive league games against Man United, Liverpool & Arsenal.