Scum thread


“Sky Sports Champions: a true story”.


Spurs will have to find out if sky will make a special trophy for them or at least some decent footage to make a fantastic dvd for them!


Wow. Slow news day at Mirror HQ. In the middle of a transfer window too :grin:


This is getting fucking ridiculous now. “What other pointless achievement can we award Spurs with?”


Just give them a bloody trophy lol!


They only played Burnley, Southampton, Swansea and West Ham.


Yeah Spurs have had a poor season but if we can’t finish above them in a season when they don’t actually have any proper home games that really would be something.


"I’ve always said: keep progressing, keep getting better, we want to start winning trophies. That’s the aim, as long as the club keep doing that then, yeah I’m happy here.”



But Pocho said he is only interested in the Premier League and the Champions League :hipster:


So he has gone from wanting to stay there for his whole career to staying as long as the club start winning trophies.

If he wants to win trophies he should go to Man Cuty.


Imagine if Spurs won the CL this year. Before us.

Biggest meltdown ever


Even the Coen brothers can’t write something as twisted as that.


If that happened, I would actually pack my bags and move to Yemen!


15 Yemen Road, Yemen


Ha, yes that’'s exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote that.


Juventus :hipster:


I, err, don’t think you want to do that.


Surely it’s better than living in a world where Spurs are European champions?


So City would murder Arsenal in the league, and then City would literally murder you in Yemen too. Salt in the wounds.


Oh… perhaps i’ll just head to Hawaii instead.