Scum thread


96 League goals in 134 league appearances, last 3 seasons he’s scored 21,25,29 and this year on pace for mid 30s, so Harry Kane is making progress.


I’m a bit pissed that we had him here as a 10 or 11 year old, did we not?. One that got away, I guess.


He’s on track to beat Henry’s number in a couple of seasons at this rate in fewer seasons at a younger age.

Who’d have thought Spurs would develop a homegrown striker better than Thierry Henry.


Hahahahaha I still wouldn’t consider him better than Henry when you take it account assists and all round game, more of a superior RVN. Lol @Maverick79 for thinking he’s not that good though


no disputing his goals scored i am saying he is not a good all round player and i feel that if his goals dry up he will struggle as a player in general because there isnt much to him otherwise kinda like vardy etc.


What do we say to the god of triggering?


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I don’t think you’re going to find a lot of strikers with 4, and maybe more in the future, consecutive 20+ League goals seasons. His availability and consistency have been pretty impressive.



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This is so funny. I actually thought earlier today that someone in spurs forum must be saying this exact thing.

Didn’t know we will have a resident nutjob as well.
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Something else for Spurs to put alongside “put the pressure on”