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Sorry but this is complete bullshit :laughing:


we’ll see. He is doing well at the moment but he isnt a player that makes his own goals often or has anything special about him. All that needs to happen is a loss of service or confidence i reckon his numbers will plummet. Scoring a lot of goals but he is not a special player. I feel like he is nothing more than a glorified chicarito that he was a deaadly poacher and people were all in awe about how much he scored for manu then slowly but surely his numbers dewindled and now he plays for west ham and is viewed and a mediocre talent. I feel Kane is the same type of player which is having the time of his life at the moment as everything is falling for him, sooner or later though without service or whatever he will be less potent.


Can you please define “at the moment”?


Kane is without a doubt one of the best strikers in the world. There’s just no disputing it. For me, he’s in the same bracket as Cavani, Lewandowski and Suarez (although it seems Suarez it slipping).


I won’t hold my breath waiting for Ferdinand, Keane et al to give them the same stick they give us for dressing room photographs


well, kinda like bale, was given everything at spurs and everyone was like woooooooooow moved to RM started well but now he struggles difference being bale has more about him, you just watch.


Didnt really define “at the moment” though, did you? Because it isnt at the moment, hes been doing it consistently for years.


Bale has had a solid career at Real but it’s been blighted by injuries and that’s why his career has curtailed.


what i am saying is because of spurs system under pochettino he has been quite prolific but has also had dry periods also, Like chicarito did at manu for a good few seasons then all of a sudden he just tailed off, now he is at west ham. I dont think this will stay like this forever i think after a period of time he will not be that prolific anymore because he hasnt got enough to his game in my mind. Yes sure i could be very wrong and if i am fair enough its just how i see it happening.


solid, but not spectacular a lot of the fans at real dont even want him. This is what i am saying Bale has more about him than Kane, yes i understand about injuries but even the RM fans expected and wanted far more from Bale than what they got.


I wouldnt use Madrid fans as a barometer for anything, they seem like the harshest and most unreasonable fans in world football from what I can see.


suppose so, as i say i might be wrong…i am just saying to me Kane is one of those ‘hmmm is he the jammiest fucker in the world he is just in the right position all the time to pick up a loose ball and fire home’ or he knows what he is doing…because i look at his overall game and i dont see that much but the fucker gets the job done time and time again. He isnt that sort of Aguero or Villa or Henry where you can say ‘wooooooow what a player he is’ he is just so basic but at the same time deadly. So i think surely you cnnot be so basic in play but stay deadly forever, he has managed it so far but i feel for how long? He reminds me of the chicaritos that just seem a bit crap as a player but things go their way all the time.


But how can you be the jammiest fucker when you’ve been doing it for years?! I just don’t see how that works if I’m honest


as said, so did chicarito, poaching loads of goals scoring a huge amount every season, now he is at west ham barely scoring at all.


Hernandez scored 37 PL goals total. Kane scored that many in 2017. The comparison is poor.


As @shamrockgooner has pointed out, that just isn’t true. Kane is clearly world’s apart from someone like Hernandez


i feel he is the same ilk…he scores a lot of goals because of the ball dropping in the right place for him and the team setup but i feel in general he hasnt got what top strikers have, that is my opnion of him.


Clever postioning happens to be one of the most important qualities for strikers.


It’s quite evident that Kane is an elite striker, to say it’s the Poch system is bogus, that’s the case when it comes other players such as Dele Ali but not Kane.

His biggest asset is his finishing and he can score with both feet, put him in a better team and hell still score a shit ton. He also doesn’t shy away from working hard for the team either.

@Maverick79: your posts have more than a hint of bias in them, scoring 20 plus goals in the PL four seasons on the bounce is no joke and Kane does it in injury plagued seasons as well.

And the Hernandez comparison is terrible, he is just a poacher whereas Kane is a proper CF. Even in his dreams Hernandez is not capable of scoring some of the goals Kane scores tbh.

I will say that in terms of all round play there are better strikers out there, however, in terms of putting the ball in the back of the net he’s elite.


This is a point that shouldn’t be overlooked