Scum thread


Spurs will sort it out as they are just going through a rut atm, they won’t achieve the 86 or so points obtained last season though.


Really? Cuz you usually sound a lot more like a scum supporter most of the time dick riding Poch when we’ve got a manager who’s accomplished far more than that shit head ever will, and is still clearly better cause he actually wins our club trophies.


So much for the genius of Pochettino.


We should be wary to not crow too much.


Maybe, but a little schadenfreude is always good for a Gooner’s soul when it involves that lot.:wenger:


Learnt that word earlier this week in relation to German politics - us Brits do like a little schadenfreude from time to time, given we’re on the receiving end so much!




aaawwww no worries we will probably give them rest and a free ride, we seem to be a very charitable team these days!


They still have a nice week rest for our game.


Was about to say it. We are the only team they are gonna beat in that period :mustafi:




Been out all afternoon and night after going to the cinema and just seen they lost 4-1

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Brilliant. Fuck off Tottenham


Could have been worse, City missed a penalty.


Probably not cause City will probably buy him.


You can always cunt on them being shittier than us.
I do really hope they finish 6/7th so Alli and Kane would ask to leave in the summer.


Can’t believe what Spurs got away with yesterday. Should have been two straight reds for sure.

I guess it goes against English bias and the “perfect Spurs” narrative to make a big deal out of it though


That ali tackle looks worse with every watch.


Spurs are always like this when they lose. Nasty team.


Alli is an absolute cunt.

Should get a big ban for that


Kane and Alli the golden boys. Probably get medals for that.