Scum thread


Well they have put the pressure on for trophies its their best achievement by far!


Their best achievement is getting where they are with the wage bill they have. Other than that, then :zzz:


Double standards in this thread are delicious and only because it’s Spurs will I allow myself to ignore that fact and enjoy it :giroud2:




the power is ever soooooooooooo sloooooooooowly shifting back to us yaaaaaaaaaay :xhaka:


@Aussiegooner Poch looking great!! :joy:


Power shift my ass. Same old Spurs :mustafi:


Fucking love it


Enjoyable to see them slide, unlike you I’m actually an Arsenal fan not hope things happen to spite other people… eg " once Wenger leaves I hope we never win the league so the fanatics suffer"


Think it was bound to happen. They’ll get out of this rut soon enough, we just need to make sure we scoop up as much points as possible before our inevitable down turn :santi2:


We took their soul


Redknapp was saying in the build up to the NLD that these types of Derby can totally change and define a teams season.

A loss can destroy your confidence and send you spiralling out of control and a win can totally change your mindset and put you on a winning course.

Makes sense if you look at our respective results after the game!


They were supposed to destroy us, it was the opposite in the end. It has ruined their confidence so badly.



Tottenham :eyes::eyes:



They are keeping the pressure on!!


Where are Tottenham? :thinking:

Back where they belong :wink:


We ended their hype


A shit season followed by the departure of Harry Kane and Dele Alli


As well as Eriksen and Pochettino.

Eriksen is possibly their best player and it’s no coincidence that his recent poor form has seen them drop points.


Good shout.

Just as he was on top of the world after his Denmark hattrick, he came crashing down hard.