Scum thread


Yeah, when his wife finds out he could be earning more than double what he is with spurs, at a glamorous club like Real Madrid or Barcelona, she’ll start bending his ear.

It was a stupid thing to say.
He should have said, “I’m happy here,” but to say what he did was asking for trouble when he does eventually leave.


Yeah, I’m sort of wondering if he’ll try and stick by that statement when a big club comes calling. No doubt he’s sincere about it, and he might have an internal struggle with it. But dangle enough carrots and . . .


…you’ll be able to attract someone with a face like a horse.


So what was his reason for joining the spuds having previously worn the Arsenal kit as a kid ?


It wasn’t a case of him leaving us, we let him go - because he was too small apparently.

His family are all Spurs fans so joining them was most likely a no brainer. Having said that, there must have been other academies aside from Arsenal’s that he could have joined originally. There is not a chance my parents would have allowed me to put on a Spurs shirt when I was younger - they’d sooner have me on the streets :smile:


The thing that made me laugh the most in the buildup to this match was the sheer delusion that everyone seems to have about Spurs. It’s honestly embarrassing, the magnitude to which neutrals, so called experts and the press have praised their side whilst constantly abusing ours.

I can’t think of another club that has won virtually nothing in decades and has only finished above their local rivals once in 20 years that gets this level of dickriding. They are a good side, but thats all. In this period since 2014 when theyve built this side, we’ve won 3 FA Cups and they have nothing.

Talk of a “power shift” is utterly comical and you can easily see that the standards for their club are still so low in everyone’s minds.


The thing is when there is this talk of power shift we beat them. I remember it was the same a few years ago and they players were coming out saying that they were better and we are done blah blah then we beat them. What makes it worse this time their manager coming out saying it’s about the champions league and prem trophy when he was won absolutely fuck all


Cheers, begs the question how his family of Tottenscum supporters would have let him play in the Arsenal academy in the first place ? You can see why he would hate us so much now - especially after having been let go ?


Because they care more about their son’s future than their club allegiance?


Genuinely amazes me in this day and age of social media where your every word is cemented for life that players still say these things lol


Yes its funny how Mancity have been massively outperforming Manu for many years now, but you dont hear much about power shifts as regards manu, but funnily enough thats all we ever hear about.


Yeah, only that “noisy neighbours” banter that went on for a bit.


Actually, having friends of both, there is absolutely talk of this, especially with Pep coming in.

Having said that, ManU is a commercial goliath and are always able to buy their way up again. I reckon they will be 2nd or 3rd this year simply b/c Man City are having an amazing year, but there will be twists and turns in the coming years.



They haven’t got any achievements to swap have they


Who would want 13 league titles? I keep forgetting that history means nothing, unless you have it of course haha


I checked Wikipedia history section of Tottenham.
There was nothing.


What are you all talking about? Their trophy cabinet looks pretty full to me


Well Arsenal were unbeaten champions and Tottenham were bottom half. I think even Spurs fans can do those maths :sunglasses:


Small time club. If they keep on not winning trophies all their best players are leaving.