Scum thread




Lmao exactly!! If you were homeboys with Jurgen and he met some girl at the bar and she was into him you couldn’t just swoop in there and destroy him would you?? Just not right


Spurs are not our younger brothers, they are more like our inbred third cousins. Terrible analogy.


Ok sure if that’s the part of the analogy you wanna change I’m all for it.



Bigger bottler than :wenger:!


Fuck how many draws in that ? As long as he has several draws it should shades Wenger’s in the past 17 :rofl:


Almost all managers have below average record away from home to big clubs.


Nope, Poch is a fraud. Are you taking that bet or not?




What exactly do you want the bet to be ? I do think Spurs will finish higher than us on the table…


Thats the bet, they will not finish above us. Avatar bet. If spurs finish above us my avatar is urs and vice versa


I don’t even use my avatar :eyes:


Lol cmon aussie stop being so non committal. If u don’t use it I’ll put it to good use for you. Cmon aren’t u confident ur idol poch is gonna put Wenger to shame two years running??


I think we are some sort of chance finishing above them if they go on an extended CL run, but if I had a gun held to my head I’d say Tottenham are favourites though finish above us.
How about this, if Tottenham finish above us, you are banned from posting anything Theo Walcott related for 6 months ?



I guess he can put a lot of those weekly spuds dvds in the cabinet, it looks a bit empty need to fill it up with something :giroud:


With an attitude like that, Kane would have been an ideal signing for us.
A top player who is on cheap wages, doesn’t need trophies and has no ambition.
Sounds like Wenger and Kroenke’s ideal signing.


He’s definitely getting those quotes thrown back at him in a couple of years time when he buggers off.