Scum thread


Convenient. They’ll both be fresh for the NLD.


While our players are played to death :xhaka:


Dele Alli was replaced also yesterday.


Here ya go @Aussiegooner according to you we should be replacing this with our trophy cabinet at the emirates right? :joy:


Gosh the battery level is giving me anxiety.


Dood craziest thing happened. My phone died, but I survived miraculously.


Bring it on then you cunts!


A player who isn’t injured is fit to play in the next game. Hardly breaking news.


I hope Sead breaks Kane for rest off the seson


on rememberance weekend too, Those 3 spurs player are a disgrace they should be forced to have Poppy’s tattooed to their forehead

If our brave soldiers can go to war the least these scumbags can do it play a game of football to show respect

I bet the people that have such a major problem with James McLean don’t have a propblem with these wankers faking injury to skip the friendly against Germany


Just in time to score against us :santi:




What do you think?


I don’t think pulling out of the England team when you’ve just got back from injury equates to disrespecting those that have died in combat.


If you read the bottom paragraph you should be able to get the Jist of my post

In no way was I actually outraged that they were disprespecting rememberance Sunday,

Although if they did pull out of this meaningless friendly because they object to the whole poppy thing they would be 3 of my favourite footballers ever


Ahhh fair enough haha. Sorry I misread it! I’m so used to moral poppy outrage this time of year!


I don’t fear spurs.they’re only a better coached team, that’s it.


Just as a reminder to everyone, this is supposed to be their best team of the modern era. They actually finished above us last season for the first time in 20+ years and they still haven’t won a single thing. Meanwhile we are the worst I’ve ever seen us, 3 FA Cups in 4 years…spurs nothing. Spurs are insignificant never forget that. They are not in the title race, they are shit and will always be shit. This really shouldn’t be a rivalry because they are not on the same level as us and we really should just be acting as if this is a match against Burnley. Maybe it’s big for them because they’ve got nothing else to get excited about because they are a waste of a PL club, just taking up space.


Stop. Rivalry is about local bragging rights and being the best team in North London.

We just beat them in the league for the first time in 8 league games spacing over 3 years. Of course we’re gonna be happy and celebrate it

Do you not get it?


Yeah but they are so far beneath us it’s usually pretty sad. You can’t be a rival with someone you beat so badly most of the time it almost makes you feel sorry for them. For example if you had a younger brother who had like a unibrow and a fucked up yellow ass grill, would you relish it if the one time he got a girlfriend you went and stole her from him? No that’s just sad and somewhat dickish.

Edit: no offense to anyone with a unibrow or fucked up yellow teeth.